Salmon's Week 12 Update

November 16th-24th


Thank you to all the parents that came to Parent Teacher Conferences. This a great way to share what is going on in the classroom and your child's life at school.

Reading - What Jo Did was our story this week and we focused on the skill of Cause/Effect. The students were very successful with this quiz and really seem to have grasped the concept well.

Writing - We finished up the research for our National Parks Expository Writing Paper. This is due Monday, November 16th for a grade. Many students were able to turn this in today prior to leaving.

Science - We are focusing on the Scientific Method. Wow the Gummy Bear Lab was a hit.

Social Studies - We are learning about the southeast region of America. The students are learning about the Cherokee Indians

Veteran's Day Assembly was heartwarming and beautifully done. I was so proud of our class and how they conducted themselves not only during the signing of the National Anthem, but during the entire program. Thanks for having great kids that care.

Peek at the Week:

Science - we will continue to the Scientific Method into the next week.

Social Studies - The Civil War will be our focus and finally into the more modern topic of Segregation/Civil Rights.

Reading - Tia Lola come for to visit/stay. This story focuses on sequencing and the use of commas. Next week is also Spirit Week for Reading, student have received a Reading Log for the week to participate in a chance to win Popcorn with the Principal. Please see the special theme for each day.

We will be reviewing the week of Thanksgiving using centers and pirates.

Writing - Rough Drafts for our National Parks are due Tuesday, November 24th prior to leaving for Thanksgiving Break. Many students may complete them prior and turn them in. I ask that all students have a parent review/edit their rough draft prior to turning in. Please do this once they have completely written their rough draft. Please look for spelling and complete thoughts when editing. The student should read this with you and then please circle and misspelled words.

Please remember that the students will need a "Tri-Fold" Presentation Board for their poster. You may want to start purchasing those any time. They do not need to bring them in until it is completed.


Monday, November 16th: Mismatch Monday (Dress like a "mess")

Tuesday, November 17th: Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday, November 18th: Neon Day

Thursday, November 19th: Sweats Day

Friday, November 20th: Hat Day

Tuesday, November 24th: Rough Drafts Due (with parent editing)

Wednesday, November 25th-Friday, November 27th: Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, December 17th: Holiday Concert 7:00 PM

Monday, December 21st: National Parks Presentations Gallary Style 2:00-2:30 PM

Wednesday, December 23rd - Friday, January 1st: Christmas Break

Wow that is a lot going on!!


I will not be sending out a flyer next week. I will send on out prior to break.