Principal's Update

Millstone Primary School - November 23, 2021

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Millstone Primary staff, families, and friends,

"There's always something to be grateful for" is a wonderful reminder to take stock of the people and moments in our lives that bring us happiness. I am thankful for my amazing family, this wonderful community that always has (and will continue to) support one another, the 375 students that make me smile every day, and a building full of the most dedicated teachers and staff.

This holiday break I'm going to put down the phone, turn off the news, silence my social media notifications, and look around the dinner table - those faces to my left and right are my "always somethings to be grateful for." I encourage you all to do the same.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Baker

My Top 5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

  1. Mashed potatoes
  2. Fried cauliflower
  3. Stuffing/Dressing
  4. Green bean casserole
  5. Brussel sprouts
Dr. Baker reads "The Great Turkey Race"

Millstone Township Primary School

Vision Statement

We envision a unique, inclusive learning community at the forefront of education.

Parents, staff and students will model and promote individuality, integrity, respect, and civic and social responsibility.

Through an engaging, innovative curriculum, we will challenge students to become independent, self-directed learners who are adaptive problem solvers inspired to impact and thrive in an evolving society.

In realizing this vision, we will establish our community as an exemplary leader in education.