By Sarah G. and Elizabeth A.

The Summary of Perseus

Perseus and his mother were sent in a casket across the sea by his grandfather. He did this because it was a curse that Perseus would kill his grandfather and he didn’t want to die. Perseus grew older in the landform they landed on, as did his mother. the king wanted Perseus’ mom for his own. So one day he threw a party for himself. Everyone brought the king presents of riches and expensive widgets. Except Perseus when he got there and didn’t have a gift everyone laughed at him. he told the king

“I will give you anything you want just leave my mother alone.”

“I want Medusa’s head!”

“Fine.” Now perseus didn’t know who Medusa was let alone where she is and how to get her head!!! So Perseus took his journey to medusa and got some help on the way. Everyone knows about medusa and her power he used the mirror’s reflection to find and kill her. he brought the king her head. As the agreement said the king had to leave Perseus’ mother alone and he did so. Also on his way he didn’t know who his grandfather was and that he was supposed to kill him not he did on the way. And that was the story!

I: Do you have any kids?

P: Yes, there names are Perses and Heleus.

I: What is your symbol?

P: Medusa's head

I: Ewww thats interesting why were your mother and you sent away.

P: Because Apollo told my grandfather that I was to kill him. He couldn't let that happen so he sent my mom and I in the sea. He thought we would die, but we didn't.

I: What was your huge conflict and why did you kill Medusa? Also did you kill your grandfather.

P: I had a huge conflict because I was the only one stopping the king from marrying my mother by force. I wouldn't want her to be unhappy. The king threw a party and I went. Everybody laughed because I didn't have a gift and everybody else gave him riches. I told him if he let my mother be I would give him anything he wanted. "I want medusa's head!" everyone laughed but for the sake of my mother I said "fine" but you must leave her alone. "Ok once you bring me Medusa's head she is all yours". So I went on my journey and killed my grandfather not knowing it was him.

I: Did you know your grandfather? Or anything about him?

P: No I didn't no anything about him.