Just a Drop of Water

By: John Roveda


This is one of the most major attacks in the history of the U.S. Many people died that day and it affected many people including Jake. After that attack Jakes life turned around. His Mom went military mode, his friend Sam started acting weird, and he couldn't really have any contact with his friends.

The fight against Bobby

At the starting of the book, I thought Bobby was a kid that just wanted to have fun and play around. After he hit Sam, though, that all went away he turned on Jake because Jake was protecting his friend. Bobby also turned some other friends of Jake on Jake. Oh, there's one last thing Bobby tried to blow up Sam's Mosque that's just past being mean that's hatred

Here are three main characters from "Just a Drop of Water"

Friends almost become foes

During the story, there is of course backlash between Jake and Bobby, but there is also backlash between Jake and Sam too. Sam cuts himself off from everybody even his sister because his Dad was taken away and he thought his Dad was dead. Jake also had his moments too because he constantly argues with everybody in the book especially with Sam