Utopian or dystopian Guy?

Aaryton Ronnau

Utopian or Dystopian Guy?

"Every Utopia- let's stick with literary ones- faces the same problem: What do you do with the people who don't fit in?" Quoted by Margaret Atwood. People do need to be themselves. Actually, everyone is "DIFFERENT". The Utopian society couldn't exist because there will always be people like Luke from "Among the Hidden" and Jonas from "The Giver" who do not fit in. What kind of life could they live in now?

Life can be very hard and confusing when one feels like one does not fit in. It would be sad if one did not fit in. When people do not fit in, the people of earth could be a shadow child and they could not be seen just like Luke. "Luke's room was an attic that had a vent as a window" (Haddix Lucky Number 13). Grandma Allen has an attic which has no vent and has a black Nintendo Wii. In Grandma's attic there are games being played on the Wii. Grandma Allen has no window either. It does not bother Aaryton obviously. Luke has never even been to school. Luke has to eat in the attic. Luke has nothing to do but read books. This leads one to think Luke reads the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

In ''Among the Hidden'' one started cutting down trees in the backyard, Luke was going to see the corn grow. "He didn't wanna spend his life watching corn grow. (Haddix 16). I don't spend my life watching corn grow because every day I don't see corn growing because Aaryton don't.

To sum this whole thing up, one's thoughts are really positive about this essay. The essay was really great and Aaryton thinks about doing it again.