B. Y. O. D.

Bring Your Own Devices to School

21st Century Learning - Anytime. Anywhere.

Times are changing in the 21st century classroom! Students are now encouraged to bring their own personal devices to school. By bringing your own devices this will eliminate the stress of having textbooks and your success rates will soar. Accessing information will be a cinch as the knowledge is just under your fingertips. Using your device own device will keep you comfortable in your own classroom.

Use It, Don't Abuse It!

Now that you have permission to bring your own technology to school the rules of digital citizenship apply more than ever. Being a good digital citizen means that you will use your technology responsibly to share and gather knowledge. Texting and playing games will only be permitted on free time. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. Staff and students will work together to create innovative classroom experiences where all learners are connected and learning in "real time". Click here for the policies and guidelines of students use of personal digital devices: http://www.avrsb.ca/sites/default/files/documents/Policies%20and%20Guidelines/bp_101.4_student_use_of_personal_digital_devices.pdf

Bring Your Own Personal Devices to School

Questions You May Have

- Will I get in trouble for having my phone out?

It needs to be used for instructional purposes.

- Am I allowed to take pictures?

You need to ask permission if taking a picture of staff, students and school events.

Contact Information

Encourage your families to contact the school. Please feel free to text or e-mail your questions to your principal or homeroom teacher. We want this to be a positive experience in our school community.