7th Graders

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What is a Glogster

Glogster is an online tool that allows students to create interactive online posters, complete with text ,images, graphics, audio and or videos. "Glogs" can be used to present lessons complete with links to outside resources, with audio and videos related to the subject and topic. Glogster has many included videos and graphics to be used.

Please note that students work is only visible to me and their 7th grade class. I have our temporary education account set as "private." Once a "Glog" is complete Glogster creates a URL that the students can then share with a teacher or parent to view.

Glogster created unique logins for the students - I have them if you would like so your student can work on at home, there is also an APP for Glogster.

This week I had the students play around in Glogster, create a Glog for fun. They will be using Glogster for their Texas History for Mrs. Salter. I wanted to find something new and fun for them to do. I hope they enjoy Glogging!