GCIS Weekly News 4/7/17

Weekly Celebrations, Successes, and Up Coming Events!

Awesome Students of the Week!

Here is a photo of our awesome students of the week! These students have worked hard demonstrating safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors throughout the week! Keep Being Awesome!
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We're not here to be average; We're here to be AWESOME!

GCIS Office News

Color-A-Thon is just around the corner! Packets went home this week! We are so excited to host our color-a-thon again this year on Friday, May 19th! Click here to sign-up and learn more about it!

Students will have about 5 weeks to raise the money for their t-shirt and prize packages for the color-a-thon! Be looking for their packets they will be bringing home! There are some extra incentives to go with it!

If you have questions in regard to this event, please call our office @ 515-738-5721.

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GCIS Office Info

Our next PBIS incentive that the kiddos will be working towards is the Webb House in Jefferson! More details to come in April!

Color-A-Thon is just around the corner! We are so excited to host our color-a-thon again this year on Friday, May 19th! Click here to sign-up and learn more about it!

Kick off date will be April 6th for our kiddos! They will have about 5 weeks to raise the money for their t-shirt and prize packages for the color-a-thon! Be looking for their packets they will be bringing home! There are some extra incentives to go with it!

If you have questions in regard to this event, please call our office @ 515-738-5721.

4th Grade Happenings!

In Science we had our earthquake and most structure withstood the Eberly Earthquake of 2017. Now we are off and running with our energy unit. We are learning what energy is, potential and kinetic energy and how to create experiments to observe and analyze energy in motion.

In Reading we are all excited about our new read alouds. Ask your child about what is going on in the book. We have also started our next project on regions of the united states. We have learned that the united states can be divided into five regions. We started by studying the midwest, with the teacher modeling what our regions project will be like. Then we will each get to pick a region of the united states and complete a project. Our first topic we are working on is climate and natural disasters of the midwest.

In Math-We finished our unit on decimals and fraction relationships. Of course those fractions and decimals will be coming back to visit us, as we use them in the real world. We’ve been working hard on learning our multiplication facts, so now in our next unit about multiplying by tens and hundreds, it will be much easier for us to learn. Keep practicing those facts! We would like to celebrate two of our multiplication facts graduates- Violet and Alyssa have passed all 12 multiplication levels and are now working on passing their division facts. Way to go ladies!Every week is an exciting week in the world of fourth grade math!
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5th Grade Happenings!

Lit./SS: In reading, we wrapped up our work on identifying text structures in informational texts. We will be starting our unit on point of view. Students will be able to describe how a narrator’s point of view influences how events are described in a text. In social studies, we will be continuing to learn about how early European explorers have impacted our U.S. history.

Math: We are working on fractions, adding and subtracting. Next week we will start multiplying and dividing fractions.

Science: We are discussing water, pollution, and human impact on the environment. Ask your child about Styrofoam and Plastic shopping bags. We are also noticing all the trash in the ditches as we travel different places. We are discussing the 4 R’s: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

6th Grade Happenings!

In lit/S.S. we are finishing up our research papers! We have been working hard and will put the finishing touches on them early next week. On Wednesday, we held a talk show based on our read aloud book. The kids did great! Some even won a prize! Check out our pictures below!

In science, students are comparing a cell’s structures and their functions to something else. Some topics that students are doing include sports, tv shows, cars, and animals. Students are making awesome connections.

In math, students are working on absolute values as well as positive and negative integers.

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Congratulations to the 4th Grade on a concert well done! I am proud of each and every one of you!


5th and 6th Grade Concert

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Greene County Middle School Gymnasium

7:00 p.m.

Special Education News

4th grade is writing an informational piece on taking care of a pet.

5th grade math is continuing to work on finding common denominators.

5th grade writing class is working on writing complete sentences about their science content. Reading they are working on text structures.

6th graders are working on a research project in writing.

Band News

The following is a link to the schedule for the 5th and 6th solo and ensemble recital on April 15th. The recital takes place at the Intermediate building music room, in Grand Junction. This is a “come for your performance time, and after that you may leave if you like” event. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your performance time. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or concerns. solo and ensemble schedule


6th Grade students finishing their two point perspective street corner drawing. They drew a street corner with buildings, signs, doors, windows and other details and now are coloring them to finish it off.

5th grade art students are learning how to make an optical illusion cube using math skills. They make a hexagon and measure out a second hexagon inside and then they are coloring their mystical cube with shades and tints of one color.

4th grade students are water coloring their self portrait. We drew faces together as a class. Once they are finished with the color, then they will go over the pencil lines with a sharpie marker to help them stand out. I can’t wait to hang them up!


4th grade TAG students worked on 3d mind puzzles and we also played a strategy game called Kerplunk where they have to figure out which stick is not supporting the marbles and remove it without dropping any marbles.

5th grade TAG students are still working on creating a magic show using math! We learned it at the Lights! Camera! Math! Program that we went to at ISU. Each one of the students is mastering one of the magic tricks and then we are going to present to the rest of the school!

6th grade TAG students went to the Battle of the Books on Thursday! They studied all the way to Ames and did a great job representing our school. Both teams did not make it to the third round however, they stuck with it and guessed at the questions they didn’t know. They learned a hard lesson by not getting all the books read, but they realized how much work it takes to prepare for a competition. Great job 6th grade teams! Thanks for participating!

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Counseling News

The April Word-of-the-Month is Citizenship.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines citizenship as (1) the status of being a citizen, (2) membership in a community and (3) the quality of an individual's response to membership in a community The students are learning the value of good citizenship.

Generally there are five themes of citizenship -- honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage. Exploring those themes, talking about them, and making connections between those themes and students' lives are the keys to developing a true understanding of the concept of citizenship. Talk to your child about his/her idea of what a good citizen is.

Enjoy the following video about kids demonstrating citizenship in unique ways--https://youtu.be/kRMBIB3PpVQ

Life Skills students have begun researching various careers in which they are interested.

If you would like to share career information with students please contact us and we will set up a time for you to visit--we would love to have you present!

Call Ann S. at 515-738-5721, ext. 240. Thank you!

Pennies for Patients Wrap-Up!

We hope to have a final count for our Pennies Drive on Friday, April 7th. Our building goal is $500, and I think we will surpass that amount!


who donated to the Pennies for Patients cause of finding a cure for blood cancers!

Nurse News!

Do you ever get an itchy tingling mouth while eating banana, watermelon, apples, or cucumbers? This may be related to your allergy of ragweed, grasses, or birch. It is called Oral Allergy Syndrome. More information can be found on the Allergy and Asthma Network website.

Oral Allergy Syndrome

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