Abigal Adams

How did her cause change the country?

Death & Birth

When Abigail Adams was born November 22, 1744 in Weymouth MA. She died October 28, 1818 in Quincy MA. She died from typhoid fever just a few days before her seventy-fourth birth-day.

Childhood & Family

Daughter of Reverend William and Elizabeth Quincy Smith. She came from a long line of ministers. Abigail and her 2 sisters Mary and Elizabeth were educated at home in Weymouth Massachusetts. Her bother William was educated in a formal school and was expected to continue his education of Harvard.


Only boys went to school at this time in history. She didn't receive a formal education. Her mom taught to read and write. She also had access to her fathers library were she can be able to learn new ideas, and also educate about herself. She also took advantage of her fathers library and studied the bible, history, philosophy, essays, and poetry.

Imprtant Life Events

Wife of president John Adams. Served as an unofficial adviser first lady (1797-1801).

She was important person between 17 and 1800's, because she helped woman right grow more.

Accomlish & Intersting Facts

both the rights of woman and abolishment's of slavery. She met John in 1759 when she was 15. Got married October 25,1764. became first in march 1801 at 52 years old. Had 5 kids, she stood up for those who lacked power such as slaves, woman, and colonies. When she was young she was of ten sick. Abigail Adams was one of our country greatest silent heroes. She went through war, pain hardship, diseases, and much more for the sake of country she loved so much.

Contributions to change & Bibliography

One of the first advocates of woman equal education, and woman property rights. Abigail helped people "Thinking about women rights roles".