The Differentiated Classroom

Responding to the Needs of All Learners

The Reading

In the reading, The Differentiated Classroom, Responding to the Needs of All Learners, 2nd Edition written by Carol Ann Tomlinson many different differentiated instruction strategies were presented in various ways throughout the reading. Tomlinson offers a powerful, yet practical way to differentiate throughout the classroom through dividing time, resources, efforts in order to effectively present students with the proper instruction based upon different background, skill levels and readiness, as well as interests that students have.

While implementing a differentiated classroom, it is important that the teacher is the leader. Together, the teacher and students plan sometimes as a whole class and sometimes as an individual to set goals, monitor the progress throughout, analyze the success each student has, as well as the failures, and seek different ways to make the failures a success. This allowed for me to understand how to structure and implement a Choice Board within my classroom.

Choice Boards are well suited to dealing with readiness and interest differences among students. While using a Choice Board, students are to make a selection from various assignments which the teacher has targeted as a skill that is important for the student to practice. During the use of a Choice Board, students are provided with full instructions on the assignment which the student had a choice of choosing.

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Choice Boards

During our Guided Reading time, students use a Choice Board to complete tasks specific to what we are working on at different times throughout our morning. The students have the entire week to complete three or more tasks, because some do take a bit longer to accomplish. At the end of the week, the students turn the Choice Board in and all of the assignments that they have completed are attached. I look over the Choice Boards and give each student effective feedback on the tasks that were completed for the week. The tasks change every month, which gives each student multiple opportunities to complete the assignment using different books, Pathways words, and Screetch Words.