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All About Me

I'm a fun loving person who is very random(in a fun way) and is very weird but kind and sometimes strange. I love to listen to music and singing along with dancing. I love to draw and play on my computer, tablet, or phone. I love to read and write on Wattpad(which is an app on my tablet) I also like to be alone outside, and I like to hang out with my friends too. My favorite colors are Pink, Black, and Red. I live with my mom, dad, and gramps in a small house out in the woods. We have 3 cats, 2 dogs, 53 chickens, and 8 rabbits.

More About Me

I was born in Batesville, Arkansas on May 22, 2002. I used to go to school at Williford, but after second grade I came to Highland and have been going there ever since. My best friends are Raven, Mckenzie, Lucy, Dezarei, Brook, Paige, and Ashley. Life goals of mine are, Graduate a high school, graduate a good college, travel the U.S., get a good paying job. Career goals of mine are, be a famous singer/actress, be a model, be a book writer. My skills are singing, drawing, tripping over nothing, eating, and sleeping.


My self-esteem was a 23 which is pretty low because I don't think very high of myself but I don't think very low of myself either. I think it should've been higher by maybe a few but I guess it's ok. I think I can raise my self-esteem a little higher by thinking better about myself no matter what.
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My attitude test results were a 46, I try to be optimistic and positive however some situations get the better of me. It said I should try to identify my triggers for negative thinking and use rational thinking exercises to become naturally more optimistic. I kind of expected those results because I do try to be positive but some situations get the best of me. I'm kind of in between of a positive and negative thinker, and I'm kind of both. I can improve by thinking more positive and being more positive. To maintain a positive attitude, I should surround myself with positive people, and keep thinking positive.
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Career Aptitude

My results weren't what I expected, only a few of them are appealing to me, but none of them are something that I already wanted to do. When I graduate high school and college I want to become either a singer, an actress, or a book writer. To be more simple, I just wish to get a good, high-ranking, good paying job. And for back-up if I don't ever become and actress, singer, or book writer, I'll join the army. Though another job I'm interested in is being a veterinarian or work at an animal rescue shelter, because I love animals and care for them. Also, the reason I want to be a singer is because I love to sing, and it's been my life-long dream, and people say I have a good voice. I want to be an actress because I'm very good at acting and could be a professional one day. And I want to be a book writer because I'm very creative and come up with ideas for stories, besides, I already have written a few.
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Learning Style

I'm a tactile learner, which means I learn by touching and doing. But I believe that I am also a visual learner because I like to see a chart or something to understand something better. I think I expected to be a tactile learner because I like to do hands-on things to learn better and I do believe I learn best with it. Also with tactile learners, I speak with my hands, which means I do hand gestures while I talk. Along with taking things apart and rebuilding them to understand them better. Being a tactile learner also means we chew gum, walk around, or rock in our chair while reading or studying to better process information, or help us to think.
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Personality Type

My personality type was ENFJ, Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. Which means I do or don't prefer extraversion over introversion, intuition over sensing, feeling over thinking, and judging over perceiving. I sort of agree with my results, because I do prefer those over their opposite. Though there is much more to my personality than just extravert, intuitive, and all those. It's way more complex and better. Though I did only get 3% on Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, and 1% on Judging.
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Brain Orientation

I am right brained, but I expected to be left brained because I'm right handed. Characteristics of a right-brained person are, they prefer rock music, good at art, are better with left side of their body, cat lovers, enjoy clowning around, like to write fiction, can be hypnotized and much more. I agree with quite a few of them but not all of them. Being right-brained means my thinking is random and intuitive, and I look at things more holistically and subjective. Which also means I look at things in wholes rather than in smaller pieces. Right-brained people don't see everything as having a right or wrong way and therefore see a lot of things as being in the middle or gray versus black and white. People who are right brained tend to be very creative musically or artistically and love to express themselves through their words, writing or gestures. Good careers for a right brained person would be a designer, movie director, a novelist, or a motivational speaker.
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Personality Color

My personality color is black. Yes I agree this color does most likely represent my personality. Black represents power, individuality, and intense spirituality, and more. It means I like to control things, and need to be in control. It also means that I go above and beyond to hide my insecurities. I tend to stick with my intuition, and I have incredible self discipline.
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Skills Confidence

1. What are your top 5 skill confidence results according to your skills confidence assessment? List all 5.

Journalism and Broadcasting, Performing Arts, Professional Support Services, Visual Arts, Teaching and Training

2. Did these match any of your interest?

Yes, Performing arts and journalism and broadcasting caught my interests

3. Out of the 5, which is the results that most closely matches something that you are interested in pursuing post graduate?

Journalism and broadcasting, and performing arts are the ones I would be in

4. Choose your personal top result and scroll down to research the result:

  1. What are two of the tasks and conditions for this career?​

1Writer and author, and choreographer, and multimedia artist and animator

2. What is the state median salary?


3.What is the national median salary?


4.What is the outlook for this career?


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Career Interests

1. What are your top career pathway results according to your results?

Teaching and Training, Counseling and Mental Health Services, Professional Support Services, Early Childhood Development Services, and Performing Arts.

2. Did those match any of your interests?

Yes Performing Arts did.

3. What are the career clusters of your top 5 career pathways?

Teaching and Training belongs to the Education and Training Cluster, Counseling and Mental Health Services belong to the Human Services Cluster, Professional Support Services belong to the Education and Training Cluster, Early Childhood Development Services belong to the Human Services Cluster, and Performing Arts belongs to the Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communications Cluster.

4. What are some job titles that fall into your top career pathway according to your results?

Teaching and Training- social workers, counselors, nannies, firefighters, travel agents, and teachers. People in this field provide services to others in a variety of ways, including teaching, counseling, and taking care of personal care needs.

5. What is the description of the cluster that was your top result?

Teaching and Training-People who work in this group have jobs such as social workers, counselors, nannies, firefighters, travel agents, and teachers. People in this field provide services to others in a variety of ways, including teaching, counseling, and taking care of personal care needs. The overall goal of their work is to improve or protect the lives of others.

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