USA student dependent visa

Know more about USA student dependent visa

United States of America is annually inhabited by a lot of immigrants, especially students. It is because study in USA is very prestigious and global markets highly respect degrees accredited to American universities.

USA student visa is generally applied for by many students around the world. It is because the education is of high standard and it is one of the straightest ways to study in USA. However, there is also another flexibility of migrating a student’s dependents to USA in the name of USA student dependent visa.

USA student visa can be obtained by an eligible student and his dependents who are intending to migrate to USA can apply to American Immigration under USA student dependent visa so that all of them can stay and study in USA.

There is a set of requirements an interested student must fulfill to obtain a grant from American Immigration to study in USA through USA student visa.

USA student visa is technically termed as F1 visa and this is issued for foreign nationals who migrate to USA to study. The immediate family of F1 visa holders like spouse and children can apply for USA student dependent visa which is technically called as F2 visa.

The USA student dependent visa enables the dependents of a F1 holder to travel in and out of the country as long as their dependent visa holds valid.

However, this duration of a dependent student visa depends upon the duration of the nominee F1 holder’s visa.

It is a mandatory requirement for the dependent to prove his/her financial sustenance because American laws do not permit the dependent of a student visa holder to work either part time or full time in America. However, to access work permit, a separate work visa must be applied for and obtained.

It is required for the F1 visa holder to prove his financial ability to be able to support his dependents’ finances as long as they stay in the USA; this is because the dependents aren’t allowed to work in the USA.

USA student visa opens gateways to so many opportunities like this one, and that is why the student visa is highly valued in the international circuit. The dependents can also study in the USA but can only study the offbeat courses and not the mainstream ones.

The USA student dependent visas can be applied while the student visa by the nominee is being applied for or can also be applied later. This can be applied when an applicant is either out of US or even within the US on a different visa.