Smoresfest 2013

The First Annual Smoresfest

Come One Come All!

This is the first annual smoresfest! A celebration celebrating all things smore! Come show off your smore inspired recipes or join our world's biggest smore competition.


Smoresfest is the world's biggest smore themed celebration. All are welcomed, adults, youth, seniors, and even dogs! (We have a leash free park for them.) Admission is free but donations are kindly welcomed.


There will be smore eating competitions, largest smore competitions, best smore themed recipe competitions, perfect smore competitions and many, many, more!


The winner of each competition and several runner ups will receive an one of a kind smore toy! The winner also receives a secret prize.


Monday, Sep 9th, 9am-9pm

Jack Darling Memorial Park, Mississauga, ON, Canada

There is a lot of science going into the perfect smore