What is E-commerce

Electronic commerce/e0commerce refers to economic activity that occurs online. E-commerce includes all types of business activity, such as retail shopping that provide personal services, such as hair and nail salons, can benefit from e-commerce by providing a website for the sale of related health and beauty products that normally are available only to their local customers.

What is E-commerce good for?

Easy for buisnesses: Although e-commerce once required an expensive interface and personal security certificate, this no longer the case. Virtual storefronts are offered by a variety of hosting sevices and large internet presences that offer simple solutions to vendors who have little or no online experience. Tools for running successful e-commerce websites are built into the hosting servers, eliminating the need for the individual merchant to redesign the wheel. These tools include benefits such as virtual shopping carts, inventory and sales logs and the ability to accept a variety of payment options, including secure credit card transactions.

Security Improvements: Erly e-commerce was stunted by security fears, but improved technology has made millions of people worldwide feel comfortable buying online. Seeing the vast potential in online commerce, most credit card cardholders would not be held responsible for fraudulent charges as a result of online shopping. All of the these factors have helped e-commerce become a booming industry.