James Cook

by Alex T

Early Life

James Cook was born on November 7 1728. As a kid, James Cook was very smart. His dad's employer helped for school for him. First James Cook worked on farms, then later he served as an apprentice and shipped coal before he explored. Then later he joined the British navy. He commanded a ship as a navigator. His polite attitude quickly got him promoted. He rose the ranks. He commanded a ship in the navy and attacked a Canadian fort.


On his second voyage he searched for the South Pacific

He and his crew were the first Europeans to go to Hawaii

After he died his crew tried to continue the voyage but little was accomplished.During his voyages he discovered ⅓ of the world. During one of his voyages he claimed half of New Holland (Australia). Many people think that is theft of a continent. When he was an explorer, he made 3 major voyages. The first voyage was from 1768 to 1771. The second was from 1772 to 1775 The third and final one was from 1776 to 1779. In 1779 is when he died. He died in a battle with the natives. The Native stole a boat and James Cook held the village leader hostage.

Accomplishments And Credits

Many people consider James Cook as the greatest explorer ever. He treated his crew very well. In return his crew highly respected him. He always made sure his crew was well fed. At the time a popular disease called scurvy killed many sailors. Nobody on one of James Cook's ships died from Scurvy. One instance was recorded when a native grabbed his sword and kills himself James Cook put a red coat over his body. Some people think he was non violent because his family was Quakers who believed in peace.

This information is from here Click here. Info from this book, Exploring The World by Jean Kinny Williams.
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