SEI Capstone

English Language Arts

Linda Cote

I am a regular education fourth grade teacher at Clough Elementary School in the MURSD. I currently have 22 students, one of which is ELL.

A Little Background on My ELL

Isabelly's family is originally from Brazil. Her parents emigrated to Massachusetts before her birth, however, she still has many family members in Brazil. In the home, Portuguese is the main language spoken, however, both parents also speak Spanish and some English.

Isabelly was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss at the age of 5. Her hearing loss has impacted her language development in both Portuguese and English.

Content and Language Objectives:

Content Objectives

  • Identify ways to help communities (background knowledge)

  • read a text and visualize passages to enhance understanding of a story.

  • read a text and identify the narrator’s point of view.

  • Compare/contrast differences in narrated point of view

  • recognize the characteristics of realistic fiction.

  • Understand how strong words add clarity and interest

  • Add strong words to revise writing

Language Objectives

Whole Class

  • read a text and use taught skills and strategies (visualization, point of view, and elements of genre) to increase comprehension.

  • edit writing for word choice.

Differentiation & Supports

  • With support from teacher of the deaf or reading partner, discuss and determine evidence to determine a story’s point of view

  • With a partner, fill in a point of view graphic organizer

  • With support, use context clues to determine word meaning

  • Listen for strong words while reading

  • With assistance, use sentence frames to write sentences using strong words

  • Using sentence frames, the student will describe the setting in a text and to identify 2 strong words the author used.

Lesson Description

Build Background

Essential Question: In what ways can you help your community?

Vocabulary - 7 Steps

Tier I

point of view




Tier II









Tier III



Hurricane Katrina

torrential downpour

Herculean effort


Read Aloud: Think Aloud

previews Realistic Fiction, Point of View, and Visualization

Shared Read: Think Aloud

Vocabulary in Context, Close Reading for Point of View, and Visualization

Partner Reading in Leveled Reader and Extended Text

Vocabulary in Context, Point of View, Visualization, Word Choice

Text Dependent Questions utilizing leveled reader & partner reading


Opinion Writing

Brainstorming big ideas in small group

Brainstorm facts and phrases to describe big ideas in a one on one setting

First draft utilizing paragraph frames and teacher support

Ratiocination (varied sentence beginnings & word choice - specifically adjectives)

First practice with one reading from the week

Complete on own opinion writing first draft

Small group lessons based upon needs identified

Presentation Portion

Partner Reading & Text Dependent Questions

Issy Reading
Point of View video
Point of view video 2

Questions & Comments