Host an Exchange Student Today!!

Share your home for a year, gain a friend for life!!!!

Make a difference!

Make this year the most exciting and enriching year ever! Simply choose to welcome a high school students, 15-18 years old into your family. Students come from Italy, France, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, China, to name a few.
By opening up your heart and your home, you will be giving an exceptional young person the opportunity of a lifetime — to live with your family and experience firsthand the language, customs and culture of our country. There is no greater opportunity for bright, inquisitive teenagers eager to expand their knowledge and their worlds.

In return, your World Heritage Exchange student will bring a fresh new outlook on life and a bit of his or her native country into your home. It is truly the meeting of two cultures – not as a tourist but as a “family” – learning from each other and living together.