Arts,audio/video technology and communications


Reasons why you should choose this career . I would like creating characters .Make 3D things/shapes.

Training and education

A degree is required to be accepted to this job. I need to be trained to use a digital camera, graphic tablets, and pressure styles.

Refrence O*

Work Environment

Indoors, Not office work or Fieldwork, Does not matter what you wear, Its individual and group work.

Job Description

My salary is 63,630 $ a year. My growth opportunities is 5% to 8%. This job is going to be needed in the future because technology is going to popular so making animated movies is using technology so its going to be popular. My responsibilities are to create characters and turn into animations, make objects, direct, design, and computer animation.

Closing/ Conclusion

I still have intrest in this career after doing research and this flier because I wanted to be an animator since 2nd grade, and doing research and a flier makes me know more about how it will feel to be one. I have to work with cool things and get some $$$. So, now its making me to be a animator 100%.