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Duncan Creek Elementary

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April 2015

Principal's Message

Dear Duncan Creek Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful Spring Break! I want to take a moment and praise our students and staff for the manner in which they handled the severe weather last week. We practice our safety plan during the school year, and the students and staff did an outstanding job putting it into place. The safety of our students is top priority!

It is hard to believe how quickly the school year is passing. We still have learning to do and many fun events scheduled. Please make sure to check our calendar on the school website.

2014-2015 Awards Reminder

9 Week Awards

Honor Roll (in Grades 2-5 only) = All A’s and B’s in academic subjects. All E’s and / or S’s in special’s classes.

Perfect Attendance = Students must have been present every day during the 9 week grading


End of Year Awards

Academic Achievement Award (in Grades 2-5 Only) = All A’s in academic subjects. All E’s and / or S’s in special’s classes for the entire school year (not multiple years).

Perfect Attendance = Students must have been present every day for the entire school year.

Cardinal of the Year (in 5th Grade Only) = Students recognized for outstanding citizenship in each class.

Field Days

Kdg - Friday, May 1 (half day morning)

1st - Monday, May 4 (half day morning)

2nd - Tuesday, May 5 (half day morning)

3rd - Wednesday, May 6

4th - Friday, May 8

5th - Monday, May 11

Kindergarten Registration

Thursday, May 7 10:00am-5:00pm

Kindergarten Shadow Day

Thursday, May 14 9:00am – 11:00am

End-of-Year Class Parties

Kdg. - Wednesday, May 20 10:00am - 11:00am

1st - Tuesday, May 19 10:00am - 11:00am

2nd - Friday, May 15 1:00pm - 2:00pm

3rd - Wednesday, May 20 1:00pm - 2:00pm

4th - Tuesday, May 19 1:00pm - 2:00pm

5th - Monday, May 18 (before or after awards ceremony)

We will be holding our second annual Step-Up Day on the last day of school again this year. On this morning, students in grades K-4 will have an opportunity to meet their teacher for the 2015-2016 school year. A brochure with your child’s 15-16 homeroom teacher’s name will go home in the report card envelope. Please check the brochure for your child’s teachers name for next year. We received extremely positive feedback last year from this event. Thank you for your continuing support of our Duncan Creek students, faculty & staff.


Carrie Yougel


Returning student registration for the 2015-16 school year at Duncan Creek- June 1 through August 7

Beginning this summer, GCPS schools will begin a new online registration process for returning and new students. This allows parents to update information about their children in a simple, online format. This process is much easier than in years past because parents will only enter information once, and associate this information with multiple children, regardless of the schools attended.

Look for further information and a link on our website on June 1!

FREE E-Books!

Your child has access to several resources of e-books over the summer!

1. Duncan Creek Media Catalog (through the student eCLASS page) ALL SUMMER

2. Reading Eggs Library (

3. Get Georgia Reading Campaign

Go to

Login information: School name: Get Georgia Reading, Campaign for Grade Level Reading (When you begin typing this in the window, a dropdown menu should appear;

this option is the first one.)

User name and password: read

This free access expires August 30, 2015.


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Remember to visit your child's My eCLASS page to get important information from your child's teacher. Click here for video directions on how to access My eCLASS!

Click here for written directions!


On March 31, 2015, Georgia United Credit Union (Georgia United) proudly donated over 10,000 assorted LEGO toys to Duncan Creek Elementary to support its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program.

Duncan Creek Elementary received the LEGO donation as a result of having earned the highest level of participation in the Gwinnett Gladiators “Hat Trick for Reading” program. Jennifer Clark, Duncan Creek STEM teacher, helped Duncan Creek students enter the “Hat Trick for Reading” program and requested a donation that would benefit all students.

The LEGOS will help students design solutions for assigned engineering challenges. Grades one through five will be challenged to design and build a LEGO structure that will withstand an earthquake simulation.

About Georgia United Credit Union

Established in 1958, Georgia United Credit Union is one of the largest and strongest member-owned credit unions in Georgia with over 130,000 members, 17 branches—of which are 5,000 shared branches— and over 100,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. As a full-service financial institution committed to improving its members’ lives and local communities, Georgia United serves all State Agency employees, Board of Regents colleges and universities, employees of over 500 companies and 11 county school systems.

For more information about Georgia United, please call (770) 476-6400 or visit

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Summer Literacy Institute

Don't forget to sign-up for this year's Summer Literacy Institute held at Ivy Creek Elementary! Registration is online through My Payments Plus (click on the Summer Camp tab!) Space is limited, so reserve your child's spot now! Once classes are filled, the link will be removed from

PTA News

Checkout the PTA webpage for the most up to date information on all upcoming PTA events, meetings, and upcoming spirit nights.

A note from the PTA President; DCES PTA board members are always hard at work planning great events for the students, families, and staff of Duncan Creek! We need YOU to help us! We're already planning for the 2015-2016 school year and looking for additional volunteers to serve next year! Please go to this link,, and print the volunteer form. You may send it to school anytime with your student or drop it off in the front office! We hope you'll consider serving, so the PTA can continue to offer awesome programs at DCES!

* Yearbook – Don’t forget to order your copy of the DCES 2014-2015 yearbook! See the PTA webpage for ordering instructions and form.

*Interested in being a PTA Chairperson? PTA Committee Chairperson forms, for the 2015-2016 school year, are now available in the front office and online. Return them to your child’s teacher or to the front office by May 1st, 2015.

*Spirit Wear is still available for purchase from the remaining inventory. If the item that you request is not available, your money will be returned to you in your child’s folder. Need a form?? Print one from the PTA webpage on the link labeled Spirit Wear.

*Upcoming events:

Buffalos Spirit Night - April 28, from 4p.m. – 9p.m.

Gwinnett Braves Family event – April 29th 635p.m. game start

DCES Staff Luncheon hosted by the PTA – May 8th

Board of Directors Meeting – May 15th, at 10a.m. /Location: Off Site

5th Grade Celebrations hosted by the PTA – May 18th – Beginning at 9a.m.

Counselor's Corner

The A-B-C’s of Behavior Change

A typical behavior program incorporates a simple sequence of steps:

Antecedent Events—What Comes First

Behavior—The Central Issue

Consequences—Results of Behavior

Antecedent Events can be classified as rules, expectations and communications.

· Write down your rules at home. Discuss them with your child. Post them in a prominent place. State them as what the child should do, rather than focusing on the negative (Walk, please instead of Stop running!).

· Expectations involve several components that use a series of behaviors expected of the child. [While visiting Aunt Sally I will expect you to: 1) greet her when you meet. 2) say please and thank you. 3) keep your hands to yourself.]

· Communicate your expectations in a clear, short and straightforward manner, using eye contact with your child in an even tone of voice. Verify the child has heard your instruction by asking him to repeat what was said. Do not be passive (Don’t you think it’s time to get ready for school). Do not be aggressive [You never listen—do you know HOW to clean up your room (this is condescending)!?] Do be assertive (When you finish your chores, you can go out and play).

Behavior is observable, countable and changeable.

First make a list of the undesirable and desirable behaviors. For the undesirable behaviors, list an alternative desirable behavior. Pick no more than 3 behaviors to work on at a time. According to the child’s age or complexity of “new” behavior, you may need to start with one.

Consequences are generally classified as either rewards or punishments.

· Ask your child for input on rewards and punishments. Observe as your child makes choices during free time for more ideas of rewards. Many times when children are acting out, they want time with parents. Rewards could be board games, a walk in the park, reading together for fun, watching a movie at home.

· Write a behavior plan to remove an undesirable behavior or to teach a desirable one. Write in a positive framework and use a when/then statement (When you clean your room, then you may watch TV).

· Focus on encouragement as much as possible such as:

Hug or a smile

Thumbs up

Pat on back

I like it when you

It’s nice when you…

You sure act grown up when you

Resource: Behavior Change Resource Kit


Super Heroes of the Month


Corrigan -

Findley -

Harriman - Amariana H

Jackson - Krista H

Lawrence - Mariah G

Rogers - Sara R

Wilbanks - Rylee F

Ona - Malcolm S


Argo - Emma H

Baker - Kayden

Britt - Samantha N

Milton - Jacky R

Newman - Alexis F

Russell -

Logan - Joshua P


Athon - Jonae B

Duncan -

Gomez - Yair T

Newsom - Ethan B

Soucy - Shamiah C

Young - Valeria J


Harris - Zach P

Law - Joann Y

Jarrard -

Myers - Kendall W

Parlier -

Sawyer -

Wilderspin -

Phucas - Chandler R

Harper -


Bailey -

Garner - John B

Hamrick -

Hayes -

Hendry - Zach W

Reed - Ethan R

Voss - Jordan A

Wyatt - Johnny T


Abreu - Keith M

Covey - Claudia R

Dietz - Ethan A

Ashe -

Maschas -

Mayfield -

O'Neill - Sebastian H

Sever -

Padgett - Addy M