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News and Pictures from the Land of the Pirate-Quarter Two

PWHS is included in the Top 25 High Schools in Wisconsin-Milwaukee Business Journal

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Senior College and Career Signing Day!

Senior Signing Assembly-On May 22nd, we will have our first senior signing assembly for college and career choices. Representatives from the workforce, military, technical schools, two-year colleges and four-year colleges will be a part of the assembly.

All other grades and staff will be in the bleachers to hear about the plans for our seniors. The Band will be playing and the assembly will be MC'D by Tom Pipines. A true celebration for all of our seniors and their choices for post high school!

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ACT Prep-for PWHS 11th grade students

11th grade students and Parents. The ACT test is just 5 weeks away…PWHS is offering all 11th grade students an opportunity to prepare for the ACT test. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

1. Method Test Prep Practice

a. This resource provides 2 full tests to practice online

b. It also provides practice questions in all areas

ACT Prep with Method Test Prep

Click on this link to start….


Click on the gray “Signup” box to create your MTP account. PWHS students will need to use the Referral Code: tkn.12180329 when setting up your account. (Make sure to include the entire code—including tkn).

2. Resource Periods over the next 4 weeks. Sign up each week on the adaptive Scheduler. We will meet in the lighthouse room. Some students will be assigned to this resource support. Students can also sign up.

Jan 29-English

Feb 5-Science

Feb 13-Math

Feb 19-Reading

3. Night ACT Test Prep Sessions-Organized by Key Club at PWHS

Library open 3:30-7:30 each night

4pm – 4:30

January 29 Cheryl Ross Overview Library Computer Lab

February 5 Terry Krueger English Room 184

February 12 Nora Thompson Math Room 27

February 19 Ralph Perez Science Room 240

February 26 Julie Norman Reading Room 274

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Talent Show 2020

United for Youth Students led by the amazing Mr. Adamak, Mr. Greisch and Ms. Zielinski organized another amazing talent show at PWHS. The evening was full of magic, music and comedy. Great job to all involved!
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World Studies News

9th Grade World Studies did a fantastic job creating some aspect of History and Culture from their selected country of

the world. Students displayed their creations and explained the significance.

Piratech Robotics News

The Port Piratech robotics team 4804 is in now in full swing to attack this year’s FIRST competition: Star Wars inspired “Infinite Recharge.” Students are currently working on an agile robot, capable of loading and shooting up to five foam dodgeballs at a time, as well as several other tasks. The team is lightyears ahead of previous seasons with the integration of vision control, which accurately locks on to a target and autonomously guides the robot to a precise location. We are looking forward to a great year with a top-performing robot. We encourage everyone to come out and support the team at our Milwaukee regional at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, March 19-21. https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/game-and-season

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Technology Education News

Students were hard at work this semester honing their skills in both the woods and metals manufacturing classes. In Welding and Fabrication, students used the CNC plasma cutter, brake press, and welders to fabricate a Hibachi-style grill. Students in the woods courses worked on a variety of projects including end tables, stools, and cutting boards.

New and Exciting Technology and Art Education News!

Starting for the 20-21 school year during second semester, the new course of Art-Metals has been approved by the board. This course will be team-taught by both sculpture/ceramics teacher Mr. Styles, and metals manufacturing teacher Mr. Last. Students will be able to utilize modern equipment and metal-working techniques to create original works of art. Students will create welding sculptures, create multiple metal-castings, as well as utilize both the 3d printers and CNC machines to bring original designs to life. Pre-requisites of both Sculpture and Welding and Fabrication will be required to enter into this course. Please contact either Mr. Styles or Mr. Last with more questions on this exciting new opportunity.

Comfort Animals at School

This past week, Student Council offered an experience to help alleviate the stress of final exams by bringing in three comfort pets for students. Almost 70 students signed up to take advantage of this opportunity during their study hall or lunch. The students enjoyed hanging out with Mocha, Molly, and Brinx. A large thank you to Riley Pierringer for doing a lot of the leg work to set this wonderful even up and to all the Student Council members who helped volunteer to assist the owners on that day.

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Counseling Department News

Incoming Freshman Parents/students-Course Selection/Activity Fair-February 12th 6:00

Current 9-11th Grade Students/Parents-February 13th at 6:00

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Math Team News

In November the Port Math Team travelled to MSOE to compete in their annual Math Meet Competition. The team had a great time, worked hard against fierce competition and placed 9th amongst 18 teams that attended. Alex Kamenick received a 3rd place medal for his individual score.

On February 3rd we will be hosting the Conference Math Meet at Port Washington High School. We hope to bring our A-game and secure a victory!

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Art & Design Department News

The K-12 Art & Design Department had our 3rd annual Ages and Stages of Art Show here at PWHS in all 3 art rooms. We featured work from students throughout the district who have a real passion for the visual arts. The students and their families came out to celebrate their accomplishments, eat cookies and enjoy a visual experience. We had pieces that ranged from 3D sculptures and ceramic work, to a tie dying display, to AP Art & Design work that is theme driven. The turn out was amazing and it was a fun night dedicated to our hard working students.

eSport News

Port Washington High School now offers students the opportunity to officially compete against other schools in a variety of video games with the new eSports team. The term eSports stands for "electronic sports" and is used to describe the realm of professional gaming. As a member of the Wisconsin High School eSports Association (WIHSEA), students are matched up against different schools on a weekly basis over an eight-week season. They then have a week of playoffs, followed by a State Championship. Each year is divided into two different seasons each with different game offerings. The fall season competes in the games Overwatch and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The current spring season is competing in the games Rocket League and League of Legends. We have​ one varsity Rocket League team, two JV Rocket League teams, and one varsity League of Legends team. The Rocket League matches occur every Tuesday and League of Legends matches are every Wednesday after school in room 153 (the PLTW lab). Stop by to watch any of our matches and to cheer on our team!

Literacy News

All literacy students have been working hard and are seeing the fruits of that hard work! Comprehension abilities and vocabulary knowledge have greatly increased, according to recent assessments. Second semester, we’re going to dive into word roots and affixes, more academic vocabulary, writing with clarity and meaning, and sharpening our critical thinking and discussion skills. Literacy I students will learn about argumentative texts and writing, while Intermediate Literacy students will go into their second round of book clubs.


District & State Competition –

This year we were scheduled to take 90+ competitors (including 50+ freshman and sophomores) to our district competition at Kettle Moraine High School. Unfortunately, we had bad weather and the event was cancelled! Thank you to former students and parents (Ezra Bretl, Brad Bertler, Wendy Braam-Doyle, Jennifer Clearwater, Avery Frankl, Ellie Yandry, and Roisin Doyle) for coming in to give many of our students a “DECA” experience here at PWHS.

Representing Port Washington High School at the State DECA Conference will be: Blake Peiffer, Andrew Schmitz, Shelby Paradowski, Morgan Stone, Katelyn Kruse, Olivia Scarpaci, Taylor Peiffer, Emmalee Schmutzler, Emma Kasza-James, Morgan Canseco, Sydney Johnson, Josie Tetzlaf, Sam Linstroth, and Joe Huebner

DECA 6th Man Shirts –

DECA is teaming up with Mel’s Charities of Ozaukee County by designing and selling 6th man shirts to be worn at the boys and girls basketball games in February. Shirts are being sold until January 28th! This year’s winning designs were provided by Nolan Voeller and Allyssa Summer. If interested in supporting our cause, please contact Mark Bichler at the high school.

DECA Field Trip – UWM Lubar School of Business--

In November we had the opportunity to have over 50 students attend our field trip to UWM and the Lubar School of Business. During the day students were able to interact with students and faculty from the school. Great questions were asked and answered and students got a small dose of “college life” at UWM.

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Captain's Quarters-School Store News

We havenow been open for just over one year! The retail store opened by the Business Department classes and DECA. Students enrolled in Retail Marketing have been planning and implementing the opening of the store. This student run store will give them an opportunity to experience real life experiences in selling snacks and apparel. Stop in after school or a special events to purchase your Port Gear. Please e-mail Mark Bichler (mark.bichler@pwssd.k12.wi.us) or Leeann Wellenstein (leeann.wellenstein@pwssd.k12.wi.us) for any questions or orders.

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Personal Finance News

Personal Finance classes had the opportunity to have a Q & A session with Lake Financial Group. Students were engaged in conversations regarding planning for their financial future. Both Brian Barber and Justin Behm are PWHS graduates and have been visiting Personal Finance classes for a number of years answering questions students have about how to finance their future goals.

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Forensics News

The Port Forensics team got off to a great start at Oshkosh North on January 18, taking home 2nd in the large team division! Individual award winners were: Jackson Myers, Katelynn Kruse, Abby Rowley, Kalyn Diercks, Roen Packard, Nya Sukawaty, Anya Gregg, and Arizona Mantsch. The team competes on the 26th of January at Marquette, the 1st of February at Sun Prairie, February 7 at West Bend, February 22 at Sheboygan South, and Leap Day right here at Port High. If you are interested in helping out with the team, the Booster club will be on Wednesday, January 29 at 7 p.m. in the Lighthouse room at the high school. Feel free to join us!

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Limited Edition News

On Saturday January 26th , members of the A cappella group Limited Edition Headlined the Twin Cities A cappella Festival in Minneapolis MN. While there they lead large group sessions to over 150 students on different attributes they thought a group needed to be successful.

That evening they performed in the headliner concert along with the home ensemble and the group Collide from Denver Colorado.

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Target Based Grading Update

Target Based Grading for Learning


We are a High School that significantly exceeds expectations according to the Wisconsin State School report card. We continually strive to find ways to be a better school for our students. Finding ways to raise the bar for all of our students to be better prepared for life after high school in college or career is the challenge. No matter where our graduates go after high school, in the military, in the workplace, an apprenticeship or to a two or four year college, the needs are greater now than they ever have been. We believe that Target Based Grading for Learning provides the clear expectations (clarity), opportunity and rigor to achieve that goal.

Academic grades

PWHS will have Letter grades in Power school and on the report card. Academic grades reflect our student’s measure of learning against the identified learning target and standards. Academic grades will reflect the student’s level of proficiency as measured by specific assessments. The opportunity for reassessment for students is a very important component of this system. Academic grades will be calculated from summative assessments at least 90% in all classes. This includes tests, quizzes, projects, papers, etc.

Behavior/Life Skills Grade

The PWSSD believes that Homework/Classroom work, Attendance and Behavior are important for success in school and life. These important behaviors are not a part of the Academic grade. All students will receive a separate grade for current academic scores and behavioral/life skills scores on the report card.

Homework/Classroom Work

PWHS defines Homework and Classroom work as practice in the learning progression toward proficiency on identified learning targets. Homework and Classroom work should be looked at as a “tool” in the learning process and not an instrument to measure and report a student’s understanding of academic learning targets. When viewed as a tool to help with learning, homework is then not an assessment of the student’s understanding of learning targets/content, but rather a step toward learning it. Homework will count for 10% or less of the overall course grade.


The purpose of ensuring ALL students learn at high levels is not predicated upon the notion that all students learn at high levels at the same time. Therefore, we must offer students multiple opportunities to demonstrate they have mastered identified content at various times in a school year. In relationship to our position on Retesting, we commit to the following statements:

● Reassessment is allowed on all summative assessments that are reflected in what is reporting out to parents on our report cards.

● In order for a student to qualify for a reassessment, students must meet the criteria determined by the department. This includes the completion of homework and classroom work.

● If a student scores lower on the reassessment than on the original test, the test that will be reflected for grading and reporting purposes will be the most recent evidence.

● Reassessment can occur in multiple forms, such as another assessment similar to the first, oral discussion with the teacher, or another method that is mutually agreeable between the teacher and student