Cowboys Wanted!

Looking for cowboys to lead cattle north on the open range.

Skills and Knowledge

You will need to know how to properly rangle and handle cattle to successfully be able to move them north smoothly to the railroads. You will need to have a little background knowledge on how to take care of cattle in case one were to get sick or injured because I will be putting all my trust in you to make the best decisions for my cattle as you are leading them north. You will need to be responsible and trustworthy. I need to know that I can depend on you to show up every day to get the job done.

Responsibilities and Duties

On the job you will be required to drive my cattle north on the open range so they can be put on the railroad and I can make money. I will also need you to be very open and flexible to moving around. I have many other cowboys in different locations along the Chisholm Trail to move the cattle north swiftly and smoothly. If any of those cowboys were to get sick or injured on the job, I could very well need you to go somewhere on the spot so the job can still be done. A day at this job would be driving the herds you are responsible for north to the next destination where the next group of cowboys will take over those herds and continue moving them north. After that, you will go back to your destination and do it again.

Challenges and Obstacles

This job will be stressful at times and you will need to know how to overcome that. Barbed wire is becoming more popular now. Knowing this I will expect you to lead my cattle on the safest, fastest route you can making sure to avoid the barbed wire as much as possible.

Big image
Above is a patent of the very first barbed wire diagram.


One benefit of this job is the pay. When you drive my cattle north to the railroads and make me successful, then I can in turn pay you well and make you successful. Another benefit for this job is I am not a hard person to work for. I am open minded and as long as you will give me respect, I will do the same. Another benefit is this job is promising and will be here a long time. The long drive is clearly a popular thing and as long as it is making me money, I will continue to do it as long as I can.


Your PRIMARY location will be here in San Antonio, Texas. However like I said before, if one of my other cowboys in a neighboring location along the chisholm trail would happen to be sick or injured and may be unable to do the job for awhile, I will need you to head there and fill in for them.

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Above is a map showing all the major cattle trails. You will be working on the Chisholm Trail.

For more information, please contact Makaelyn Neuendorf.