NPHS Library Media Center News

November 2013

Media Cast--What is it? How can I find it?

MediaCast is a web-based portal which is the
  • location for VHS & DVD materials which have been digitized. These are materials purchased by NPHS or by another school in our corporation.
  • location for access to live TV coverage from channels such as ABC, NBC, Discovery Channel, Disney, History Channel, Weather Channel. and PBS.

How can I find Media Cast?

In the URL line of Firefox, type in media--and the MediaCast 'choice' should be the first link you see.

How do I login to MediaCast?

The login is the same as your email and computer login.

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Use the Search box to locate digitized videos.

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TV Channels Available

ABC, Disney, Discovery, ESPN, History Channel, HLN, NBC, PBS, Cartoon Network, The Travel Channel and the Weather Channel are all available through Media Cast.

Use the TV Guide to view programs available.

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