Who's really the man

By: Derek Lemons

She's the Man

In the movie "She's the Man" Viola dresses up and her brother just to play soccer. Nobody suspects that viola is dressed up as her brother until the end.

Twelfth Night

In the play "The Twelfth Night" viola dresses up as Duke's servant and wants him to fall in love with her.

Comedy of Manners in Twelfth Night

In act #3 scene 1 Olivia and Feste go back and forth between smart joking comments.

Low Comedy in Twelfth Night

Sir Andrew and Sir Toby started picking on Cesario because he looked like a girl.

In these shows nothing is what it seems

Farce comedy in She's the Man

When Viola and Olivia are talking about which boys they like in the bathroom and Monique walks in on their conversation and they all get into a fight.

Comedy of ideas in She's the Man

When Viola was talking on the phone to her mom and she said that the only things high heels do is show off her legs and butt for guys to see and she didn't want that.

Comedy of manners in She's the Man

When viola is dressed as Sebastian and his girlfriend comes into the same restaurant and viola breaks them up.