Bashin Baseball

Read this if you want to know about Baseball.

By Scott Vandenberg

Imagine you’re a Baseball player hitting balls, catching outs, and sliding in to base. In this article I will talk about all that fun stuff and more! So if you’re interested you better read this.

You’re Out

The first thing you need to know about baseball is when you go up to the plate you have to have a good position. You’re swing has to be strong and right in the middle of you. Then the strike zone, according to Bobbie Kalman, who wrote Baseball in action, “The strike zone is located above home plate. It is the area between the batter’s knees and armpits.” Batting is actually the best part of baseball. You have to keep you’re eye on the ball. If you don’t most likely you’re going to miss. It’s the same thing with being afraid of the ball. If you’re afraid of the ball you usually back up and that takes you to far from the ball and when you swing you are going to miss for sure.

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Catching Outs

The first thing you need to know about baseball is to catch it you have to see it. Another thing is you have to call the ball. You can’t stick your glove out you have to hold it above your head. One other thing… after it hits your glove, put your ether hand on top of the ball. Last thing you should know is your fingers should point up in the glove.

Sliding into base

First thing you should know about sliding is it’s easier to not get out because it’s harder for the person on base to get you out. According to Bobbie Kalman who wrote Baseball in Action,” Sliding makes it more difficult for the player on base to tag you out because you extend your foot before the rest of your body." Another thing, you should look before you run and slide because if you don’t there’s a 50% chance you’ll get out. Also, make sure you look at the player on base too because if he’s on the base there’s a better chance of getting out than when he’s not on base. One last thing, if you get in a pickle sliding is the best choice because there’s a better chance you’re going to be safe.

If you liked this stuff I would suggest playing baseball. It’s a really good sport. I hope you’ll like baseball too.