a child challed it

by dave pelzer

story elements

a child called it takes place in march 5th 1973,daly city, California during the past. The main conflict in the story is that mother kept on hitting his son and that he father didn't really do anything neither also that he really couldn't tell anyone because he still wanted to protect mother. the book begins with Dave not finishing the dishes on time and then mother caught Dave not finished with the dishes done so mother smacked Dave and then he had to go to school but he was running to school because he was late and he doesn't like being late. Dave had t go though the office and the nurse caught him and she was taking notes on the burses on him because his school knows what was going on in Dave's home.

character analysis

the main character is Dave. three words to describe the main character are strong ,independent, and brave. the character is motivated by father always telling him that everything is going to be okay and that one day Dave and father would leave faraway from mother. Finally Dave was thinking about getting faraway from mother and he thought he could survive and not die in that house. I like/dislike the main character because Dave is a very strong, smart little boy that got away from mother and he was taking the pain from mother that she gave him all the time sometimes I disliked that he could of left the house early and not be with mother anymore and that after all the problem's with mother Dave still thought that he has to protect her.


the theme of the novel is Dave was treated really badly by him mother.one example that supports the theme is Dave was locked in the bathroom with some deadly chemicals mixed together. another example is mother would never give him new clean to wear to school each day. he had the same clothes for the years he was in school. A third example from the book is mother would never feed him he could only have the crumbs from the family's plates if he finished his chores on time only. A final example that supports the theme is Dave would ignore mother when he could and Dave would sometimes bet mother at her own game.


the novels rate is a 10. i give this book this rating because it had some kind of mystery if Dave was going to live or die in that house he lived in because of him mother or if he was going to leave and get away from his mother.i think that teens can relate to this novel because the child can be to much work for the mother or a father and they cant take the pressure all the time from work and their baby all the time sometimes they just want to rest but they cant because they have a responsibility to do everything.also maybe the mother and father just want their baby to be a little more quite and they don't listen to them.