The City of Ember

Jeanne Duprau

Book Summary

According to the text in The City Of Ember this book is about a girl, named Lina, and a boy, named Doon, and a little girl named Poppy. They all work together and find their way out of their city. The city they live in is falling apart, and the mayor and his guards are looking for them, because they know that the mayor is eating all the city's food. They find him asleep in a secret underground lair. They try to tell people, but no one believes them. Will they find a way out of the city, or will someone believe them or will they be stuck there??? Find out when you read The City Of Ember!!!


Advice column

Dear Luke,

I do not know what to do. The mayor and all his guards are looking for Doon and I. We try to tell people that the mayor is eating all the city's food but no one believes us. We need some advice on how to handle this situation. Can you please let us know? Thank you.


Lina and Doon

Dear Lina and Doon,

Thank you for the question. I think that you should just try to focus on getting out. That way if you do run out of food you will be able to try and find food in the new place. If you stay and do finally have everyone agree with you and you do get the food, the food will run out eventually. That is what I think you should do.





Dear Editor,

According to the text Doon, Lina and Poppy had to find their way out of Ember. I think that is scary to go away from where you lived your whole life. It would be scary because you don't know who to trust and who not to trust. They don't know where the map will lead them to. It takes courage to follow a map with out a grown-up. That is what I think.




In The City Of Ember my favorite part of the book was when Doon and Lina find a way out of Ember. I liked how they followed the instructions that led them to a river, and they had to light matches to see their way down the river in a boat. I liked it because it was exciting, and that is the kind of book I like. My least favorite part was when Lina's Grandmother died. That part was sad, and it reminded me of when my Grandmother died. I would recommend this book to students who like exciting books, and those who are into engineering (like me!).
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