Dog abuse

You can help, with just a little hope.

Where did your dog come from?

Did you raise your dog from a pup? Or did you adopt it from a shelter? Either way you're doing your part to help keep humans' best friend safe from harm as well as from abusive owners, street life, and the dog fight organizations.

Did You Know?

  • 3 to 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized a year in animal shelter.
  • In estimate, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats a year are taken in by animal shelters.
  • Animal hoarding is considered animal abuse, don't take in more than you can handle!

How you can help!

You can help dogs without homes in the simplest of ways, from volunteering at your local animal shelter, to feeding the strays in your neighborhood. Anyone can help! Just grab a leash and some kibble and go for it!


I've noticed when people see a Pitbull they tend to go out of their way to make a very wide, prominent ark around the owner and doggy. Why do people do this? Because of what pitbulls are used for, dog fights. Because of their job and aggressive appearance they frighten people. But in actuality, they're just like any other dog if you treat 'em right! Don't be scared of them, treat them like you would any other dog.

Dog Fights

Yes, like I mentioned in the last little note, Pitbulls are used for dog fights, but other kinds of dogs with a natural agressive demeanor are used for dog fights as well, this includes, Terriers, Mastiffs, the Shar Pei, and Akita. Many of these dogs are owned by families and never hurt a fly. Dog fighting is a form of animal abuse and neglect, the dogs can be injured and may not get proper treatment, leading to death or infection.

What you can do to STOP dogfights.

If you know a dog fight is or will be occuring, tell the police and they'll sort it out, don't try and deal with it on your own, it could get ugly.


Most dogs that bite people have a just reason. They're abused and in result, are afraid of humans, thinking that we're all the same. There is a high percentage of dogs abused each year, from neglect, to hoarding, to just down right beating the poor dears, these dogs are not treated right, and it should be, and is, stopped. Many are rescued from their abusive homes to be put into shelters or homes to keep them safe and well fed. If you know a dog is being mistreated tell someone and stop the animal's pain.

The end of my ranting...

So that's all I've got on dog abuse folks! If you feel the need to help the dogs in your community, take up volunteering at the local animal shelter, or you could even adopt if you want! Make a difference, even a little help and hope can go a long way.