TCU course selections


Freshman year course selection

mathematical reasoning which is 3 hours

oral communication is 3 hours

Written communication 1 is 3 hours

humanities 9 hours

fine arts 3 hours

social sciences is 9 hours, with all of these courses you have a total of 30 hours

Sophomore year course selection

There are academic core requirements, critical investigation of teaching and a introduction to early child education .

social sciences is 9 hours, natural science 6 hours, humanities 9 hours, written communication 2 is 3 hours and fine arts is 3 hours which add up to 30 hours

Junior year course selections

TCU offers religious tradition classes as well, which is 3 hours, historical traditions is 3 hours, literary tradition is 3 hours, cultural awareness is 3 hours, and global awareness is 3 hours.

Senior year course selections

They must have professional practice, centered teaching, assessment, and professional internship classroom management

-The kinds of courses my degree requires is religious classes

-yes there is a certification test, generalist EC-6

- I choose elementary because I like little kids and I feel like it would be easier to teach