The Raging War in the East

Tyler Ziggas

The Coverage of Cuba

The stories and problems that seemed to have appeared in Cuba seem to cruel to be true. There is no way for me personal to understand what is specifically happening, but we do need to help these people. The way you portray Spain is not exactly the best way to, considering that by itself could ignite much hatred between us and Spain, but these things do seem horrible. The Cubans need help and these terrible re-concentration camps should not be allowed in anyway, even if they are exaggerated. The way the issue is covered is much more grotesque then I would like it to be, but it does get the point across. Toning it down a bit could be good and would portray the truth better.

The Ungrateful Spaniards

The United States has gone far enough on it's attempt to reconcile with Spain. Enough is enough and the amount of disrespect and hostility Spain has shown us is no acceptation. The de Lome letter has insulted President McKinley and the USS Maine has exploded do to the treachery of the Spanish in Cuba. It is now time to set the Cubans free of their Spanish overlords and become a free and independent nation. It is time for the United States to become involved.

The Slaughter - Journal from the Battlefield

This isn't even a war in my eyes. i understand the importance of being here and helping the Cubans, but we are much more advanced the the Spanish. The Rough Riders are going through and doing a lot but I guess that is mainly do to Roosevelt leading them. The hardest thing we have had to do so far was definitely San Juan Hill. Seeing the Cubans ready to defend their people and help us take back this place from Spain is astonishing. One of the greatest sights I have ever seen is these people fighting for what they believe in. The Rough Riders and us are helping these people achieve that.

The Philippines in the Election of 1900

The cartoon is all about the election of 1900 between William Jennings Bryan and President McKinley. The cartoon mainly shows the the Philippines trying to get away from the U.S but this applies to all the new colonies. The man with the axe is a Philippine who is trying to cut down the American flag which McKinley is raising. On the hill farther away it is most likely Uncle Sam trying to persuade Bryan that it is the right thing to do. Bryan was a democrat that believed there should not be any colonies, which is what the Anti-Imperialist League believed in. Even though it is not a colony, Cuba was also influenced by the U.S. the Platt Amendment was made that allowed the U.S to buy and lease land for naval bases and also allowed us to join in on Cuban affairs. This was repealed but we still own parts of Cuba such as Guantanamo Bay.