Polar Bears

What are they dealing with?

Ahmed Gado

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How the climate is affecting these bears!

According to the International Union of Conservation of Nature ( IUCN ) our recent climate is really affecting the polar bears. The ice is melting because of the climate change which is the biggest threat to them. There is even a chance the the amount of global polar bears will decrease by 30% or more in 35-40 years. The IUCN even call the polar bear vulnerable which is one step below endangered. If we don't do something to stop this the polar bears will be more open to other threats since they will be more scarce
The polar bears are loosing a lot of fat. Looking so skinny scientists have studied 4 polar bears they made the trip from East Greenland to Iceland. There bodies had made one last try to survive. By surrounding all of there organs in the fat that they had left. It is there last chance for survival. This is only because of the loss of ice. Scientists say that the polar bear might be some how attached to the ice. For birth grounds, but now if that was the case they have to now move onto land. All off the polar bear's prey is suffering from this too.

The cute and cuddly sid... Sad Side

So I've been rambling on about dead polar bears. So I thought i would include a bit about baby polar bears. A baby polar bear was recently given its first bath. Bet your thinking woo a bath, what is so special? Well some people thought it was so cute others thought it was so sad. This is why, they look at that and say it is trapped in a cage for human amusement. It used to roam all around the ice. Now it's getting its first bath. This is why it is so horrible.