3K News!

Week of 9/21-9/25, 2015


10/2: Individual Picture Day

10/6: Fall Enrichment Begins

10/10: Tatem 5K

10/13 (9:00-11:00), 10/14 (1:00-2:30): Parent visitation Days

Typing Agent

This week, 3K typers began their journey through Typing Agent. Typing Agent is an online program that promotes typing accuracy and rate. Students can access the program both at home and at school via my Eboard. Typing Agent is meant to promote students' typing skills which in turn will reach all aspects of the curriculum, including typing up stories and readers' responses.

Rotary Club Visits 3K!

Ms. W and Dr. Lang, from the rotary club, visited the classroom on Thursday. They taught 3K about the wonderful things that the rotary club does in Haddonfield and they gave each student a dictionary to use for years to come. They also taught students about a variety of different dictionaries and how to use the dictionaries. 3K students were so thankful for their visit and the dictionaries that they were given.

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Writer's Workshop: 3K Storytellers Write Mentor Sentences

In Writer's Workshop this week, 3K writers learned the difference between writing with a news reporting voice and a story telling voice. Students learned that a story telling voice includes using dialogue, action, detail, and onomatopoeia. Students set goals for themselves to ensure that they were writing the best small moment stories they could. Students used the third grade writing rubric to find their strengths and areas to work on while writing. Their diligent work led to a collage of 3K mentor sentences.
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