Axis Powers

Germany,Japan,& Italy!


The government in Germany was controlled by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. They were fascist totalitarians which means they controlled all aspects of life. But they were defeated in WWII in Europe May 1945.


Japans government was controlled by their military. They admired Hitlers form of controlling Germany but they didn't have the same kind of Government. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor bombing it which resulted in soldiers being killed.


During WW2 , the government of Italy was ruled by Mussolini who was close to Hitler. They were a fascist government which were ran by Nazis. But Italy joing the Allied Powers after Hitler tried to take over their government.


These three joined together after Germany and Italy was tied together in the Rome-Berlin Axis Proclamation. Japan and Germany was tied together because of the Abti-Comintern Pact which brung all three of them together as one whole.


There were no such thing as Axis Powers after WWII because Germany was split into sections with U.S. controlling a portion of them and Russia with another portion. With them taking Germany France was left alone and having to join a side again. Italy joined with the U.S. having no choice after Hitler tried to take over their country. With this happening the Germans were defeated way faster ending the war.