When I Met Juliana

Sahira Morales

As i was walking to fourth period l was talking to my friend from last year I was almost late.I sat down a pretty, not so short but a little shorter than me ,with black hair and red at the bottom walked in and sat down next to me.I said excited "Hi my name Sahira what's yours!" she stared at my for a while and then smiled,"My name is Juliana."she said.

We didn't talk for a few weeks, then when we started to talk again we got super close.One day she comes up to me and said,"My mom is moving that means i'm moving." we cried for two days after she left.One day she called Mercedes and said, "I might come back!"we were so happy.

After she came back she was really sad. she was also, sad because she doesn't get to see her dad.i felt bad for her so we sat down and talked she told me everything.I said to her "nothing was the same without you,we missed you." we stared at each other and she said."for real thanks i missed you the most you all ways made me laugh.

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