Jaguar Journal

Week 4.1.19

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Do you have goals for your classroom/your students? Do your students have goals for themselves? Are you guys checking in on how you are progressing toward those goals?

As you are planning, think about how you can use time to work and help students meet their EOY goals! It is exciting to hear students talking about growth!! Keep up the hard work!!! EOY is coming!

Important Dates for the Week:

Monday, April 1st:
  • 3rd grade quarterly collaboration
  • Sunshine Committee Meeting after dismissal in Orchard-Hays classroom
  • NCE Family Night at The Root Cellar from 5-8

Tuesday, April 2nd:

  • Grades Due to Evonne at 8 am
  • 4th grade quarterly collaboration
  • SLT Meeting after dismissal in Sportelli's classroom

Wednesday, April 3rd:

  • 5th grade quarterly collaboration
  • 4th/1st PLC

Thursday, April 4th:

  • 5th/3rd/2nd/K PLC

Friday, April 5th:

  • Report Cards go home with all students
  • PTA Snacks during the day - more information to come! : )

Updates and Reminders for the Week:

PTA Idea for Raffle/Auction for World's Carnival:

Last year, kids so enjoyed winning teacher experiences at the World's Carnival. Some ideas that PTA came up with are here. Please do not feel like you must sign up. However, please do if you would like to join in the fun. Your experience will be raffled off/auctioned off to raise money for our school. : ) Please feel free to get creative and add other ideas to the list.

Supply Lists: Classroom Supply List for 19-20: PTA worked with a company to sell pre-packed boxes with classroom materials last year and would like to do the same this year. Please work on a general supply list with your grade level. I left last years information so you can review what was requested previously. We will turn this list into the company and post/share with families. This is due by April 12th. Include what you want and that is what the company will get. Just include brand names if it matters (Clorox wipes, Expo markers, Ticonderoga Pencils, etc).

Consider completing a Positive Office Referral this week!

Weekly Note:

  • Feedback? Suggestions?....leave us some info in the Weekly Note!

Car Duty for the Week:

AM Duty: Parrish, Avilia, K. Horton, Alvarez, Spencer, DePietro

PM Duty:Team 1- Eiden, Brennan, Sportelli, Landis, Hackney, Sanzone, Loftus, Crankshaw (after buses)

Please do not send out mass emails regarding other covering duty for you due to an absence/progressional development. We must have confirmed people out at car duty and we have been short several days due to no one answering the mass email and/or people not covering their duty. This is too important a time of day for us to hope someone sees the email and helps out. Please text a friend that doesn't have duty to switch with you and/or text Carla.

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