The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

Lilianna Coronado

About the story / Point of View

-The pedestrian is about a man named Leonard Mead who takes a walk and gets in trouble for walking. The story takes place on a November afternoon,2053. (Rising action)Mr.Mead enjoys his afternoons taking a walk around the neighborhood. One afternoon while he is enjoying his walk he gets stopped by a cop car. (Climax)He gets arrested for walking and not staying inside.

-The story's point of view is 3rd person. The advantage of the story being 3rd person Limited is that it leaves you wondering what the thoughts are to the other characters in the story. The disadvantage is that in the story you can't see what everyone else is thinking.


(Antagonist)The police car symbolizes as technology because the police car arrested Mr. Mead.

(Protagonist)Mr. Mead symbolizes as humans because he gets arrested for being outside and not staying inside using technology.


The theme of the story is that technology is slowly controlling us.

In the story The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury the author wrote a story about a man who is walking and gets arrested for walking and not staying inside. Ray Bradbury is trying the send a message to the reader that technology is take control of us. Ray Bradbury shows how it seem normal for everyone to be on their technology and it's not normal to be outside.

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Ray Bradbury Biography

Ray Bradbury was born August 22, 1920, in Waukegan,Illinois. He was a voracious reader growing up. He started to be a writer at the age 12 or 13. After graduating high school in 1938 he couldn't afford college so he spent his time at the library during the Great Depression. He spent his time at the library 3 times a week for 10 years. He became a full time writer by early 1943. Ray Bradbury could see that there is no room for human discretion and judgment in a world that is fully automated. So,the viewing screen is considered a way to distract the public and keep them under the watchful eye of the government. A roaming public that is out walking is much harder to control than one that is stationed in front of its television set. This help him create the short story “The Pedestrian”. Bradbury's stories prompt us to reflect on our surroundings and

continue to be relevant despite a different temporal age. Most of Ray Bradbury’s stories are known for being fantasy and science fiction stories.

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