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December 14, 2015

LESS THAN 48 hours left in Friends and Family 25% off

Good Morning and Happy Monday! WE have LESS than 48 hours left in our Friends and Family 25% off sale!

You all have been doing a fantastic job of sharing the information, the sale, and truly just casually approaching folks. Some of you that have had pop-ups have BLOWN IT OUT OF THE WATER!!!!

Check out these stats pulled at midnight EST

Laura Early - $1358

Jenny Lynn - $1183

Marlene Alfonso - $687

Ashton Kenney - $319

Ashley Murphy - $302

Jill Huneycutt - $272

Rose Green - $184

Jamie Agnew - $134

Silena Gaines - $130

Mindy Stone - $129

Sara Beck - $111

Ariel Dempsey - $72

Jessica Hebert - $54

Angelina Oberdan - $48

Kala Hiers - $24

Carly Syren - $18

Team Goal: $12,000

Current Team Stats: $4,814

Current Team Active team members: 16

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I shared that above image in our team page yesterday....

I shared it because over the past few months I have been digging deeper into myself, my goals, and more. I have realized that I am ready for the next step in my leadership development.

However, I am opting to not apply for Divisional Merchandise Manager at this time (DMM) even though you ALL helped me to qualify. I have chosen NOT to move forward at this time, because I want to also balance my work with other businesses I do/have. While none are competing jewelry brand, etc (not allowed per merchandiser agreement), I am choosing to take a step back from Chloe and Isabel to move forward with new adventures ahead. That being said, please read on below....

Also head here if you want to join the giveaway I am offering to all friends, family, clients, etc (pictured below)

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I tried doing a video to explain everything.... about 10 times and couldn't find the right way to say any of the things below cohesively, so I stopped and decided to bullet write it!

A Quick Snapshot of what I do and who I am....

So, I learn that some of you may know me completely and some maybe not so much yet...

Either way, here's a quick intro -

*I am Loren Kristin Pudlewski (maiden name Kowalski - I obviously have a thing for pollocks!)

*I am 31 years old, a mother to two amazing kiddos (Dexter 4 and Evelyn 2 in January) and a wife to one of the most hard working, dedicated men I know.

* We purchased a MAJOR renovation home in September 2014 and it keeps us busy/on our toes!

* I went to school for Music Education, later just music after student teaching, and am 12 semester hours shy of graduation....It's called Spanish... because there was a miscommunication from my regents high school diploma with German and it wasn't shared with me until my last year in North Carolina, and life was well... a mess back then. (Bet you didn't know that - I actually DON'T often share that because it is embrassing to me. I also still have $25k in student loans from that private school still). This is why I will ALWAYS SAY SCHOOL FIRST!

* Since moving away from home in 2004, I have lived in 8 different apartment/homes.

* I started C+I in February 2014 as a way to help transform my maternity clothing AFTER I gave birth to Evelyn because I gained over 75lbs during pregnancy! What the opportunity turned into is MIND BLOWING!

* I became a MM (Merchandise Manager) in October 2014.

* My Personal sales are : $58,764.27 and that was ONLY in the past 2 years!

* Our Teams' Sales are currently at $213,774.91

* I am originally from Buffalo, NY and have lived in Fayetteville, NC and now Tampa, FL. I moved away from my home and family over a decade ago for my husband's career and our family goal is to be back within the next 5 years. This does however, mean that I need to make substantially more reliable income as my husband will likely not be able to make the income he makes here in FL.

* I never intended on working from home, in fact the entire time on bedrest with my son, I fully planned on going back to my job at the hospital - however, after Dexter was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy, plans changed.

* I am always a work in progress. Never perfect. I will always be reaching for new goals and new doors that open because if you never try, you'll never know. I want to know!

* I grew up in the restaurant business and literally BEGGED for my first job when I was 15.

* My mother has MS, her dad had MS, and it is thought that his mother also had MS (which was before diagnoses were common).

*My husbands' mother is legally blind and has been his entire life. She has macular degeneration.

* Both of my parents were in sales doing "food shows" and working with food/grocery chains for as long as I can remember.

* My sister is my best friend. I miss her and can't wait until we can move home to be closer. She is the hardest part about living far away.

* I work with Bunchafarmers taking care of their website, facebook page, shipping all USA orders, and now China as well! They were the first people to bring an idea of belief that I can make it working from home!

* I have NEVER been a jewelry person. In fact, i ALWAYS steal/borrow hand me downs from my younger sister, Ashley - because she has the fashion sense!

* I still am very minimal, but Chloe and Isabel was a company attractive to me because of their AMAZING commissions structure and that you didn't need to "recruit" (though I hate that word and prefer to say "share") to make a generous paycheck!

* I have been with doTERRA since March of 2014, shortly after I signed up with Chloe and Isabel!

* I have been with Beautycounter since March of 2015 as I joined for the wholesale discount to get makeup that rates EXTREMELY LOW on the EWG.Skindeep

* I plan to grow the above 2 businesses this coming year with doTERRA as a focus because I am about to undergo a major health and wellness transformation in our home along with diet, foods, bath and body products, eating, cooking, and approaching life in a more minimalistic view. Sometimes, Less is more and I need to embrace that.

* I cloth diapered my kiddos until I became too busy with Chloe and Isabel last year, and I feel bad I didn't finish it out strong.

*I have been running a mommy group or networking group of some sort for over 3 years now. I just recently started a new one up for "group buy ins" if you want to join, search "Cafe La Save" in facebook! I am on hold until the new year, but will be working on fun new things then.

* If I could sit in one spot every single day for meditation, it would be 18 mile creek, in North Evans, NY at the waterfall. Life would be so blissful! I would say I am a cross between earth and water.

I would be HONORED, truly, if any of you are interested in learning more about the other opportunities I will be pursuing in leadership instead of Chloe and Isabel. My new focus in other areas is helping people build teams of people that help people! It can be that simple and I want to prove it!

That being said, I am stepping down from the Merchandise Manager opportunity...

I will however, always remain a Chloe and Isabel merchandiser, I will always be here for you all to communicate with, ask questions, and assist with personal development. I will ALWAYS be available to be a point of reference for you through job applications, and more!

I am BLESSED and a better person because of all of your friendships. Chloe and Isabel is a life long path for me in sales, I will always remain an active merchandiser. I have just opted to step down from leadership so that I may properly focus on team building in those two other areas in which my passion is fierce and growing to make a change for the healthier. Not just for my family, but for everyone.

I have also opted to step down from Chloe and Isabel leadership to give you ALL a fair and equal opportunity to choose a leader (I will be working with leadership development this week once I let them know my plan to step down - you all are first to know) that appeals to your goals and plans. We also have a few ladies on our team that will become Merchandiser Managers in the spring time, so you may also choose to go "independent" until you find the proper match for you.

This decision has been HARD and gut wrenching for me to be honest. I've gone back and forth and back and forth as to whether I can do it all, or not. The final decision has been made though and while I will absolutely MISS every single one of you and knowing about your Chloe and Isabel businesses, I truly have to do what is right, and best for my family at this point in time. I will cheer you on and follow you all in this path. You all deserve to have a leader that is dedicated 100% to this opportunity if that is your goal, and if you also work multiple businesses, you deserve to be able to do so without feeling bad about what you can or cannot give to team minimums one month or the next to "keep us together".

Thank you team Passiflora, for being the best team I could have ever experienced, you all are truly one of a kind and are going to do AMAZING things in your life! I cannot wait to celebrate everything WITH you! :) I will be here for you throughout the ENTIRE transition with questions, coaching, and ANYTHING you need. I will send another email as soon as I speak with leadership development as well. I am not going anywhere, but I do want you all to know first - before I let anyone else know because this is YOUR TEAM and you deserve to know that it will be undergoing a transformation.

Passiflora has CHANGED MY LIFE in so many ways, some of you came on this team from being a valued VIP client as well! I will NEVER forget the lessons learned and all of the life stories you've shared.

I can't wait to see what you all can do!



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Please keep in touch! Our team facebook page will be around for at least a few more months!