Kansas State University

Interior Design

About Kansas State

K-State has one of the best college progams in the nation and the safest campus in the Big 12. 97% of the students there would recomend K-State to thier friends. Kansas State also has more than 475 clubs and organizations for students to join. Kansas State is located in Manhattan, KS. If I attended K-State then I would graduate with a Bachelor of Science which would take 4 years to achieve.

Applying to Kansas State

To be eligable at K-State you must have a 21 or higher on your ACT or a 980 or higher on your SAT, be in the top 3 of your graduating class, or earn a 2.0 or higher GPA on the precollege curriculum. Next you must apply for admissions or scholarships. Then you send in your ACT scores and transcript. After that you apply for housing and financial aid if you need it. And finally you attend orientation and enrollment.

Tuition and fees at K-State

At Kansas State the tuition costs $4,292 per 15 credits. College of arts and science fee is $8 per credit in the field.


At Kansas State they don't give out a lot of scholarships to freshman but they are good ones. The Putman Academic scholarship offers you $32,000 and it's renewable after every year. The Leadership scholarship offers you $8,500 and it's also renewable every year. And I could also apply for an art scholarship.

Books, Room, and Transportation

At K-State, they don't offer you any tranportation options so I would either have to walk, bike, or drive a car to class. For housing you have to fill out an application and they will assign you a room.

Pictures from K-State campus

#8 in the nation for interior design!

Sports and Employment

At K-State you can join many sports teams like women's basketball, volleyball, cross country, track and field, rowing, and golf. You can also join the cheer squad or dance team. They also have over 400 clubs and group you can join. Kansas State offers you pretty good on campus jobs at hale library, in animal sciences, in housing and dining services, and in informational technology services.

Reason why and why not to go to KSU

Some good things about Kansas State are that they have a really good interior design program. It is one of the best programs in the country. Another reason why it would be good to go to K-State is that I would get in state tuition so it would be alot cheaper. But the reason I don't want to go to KSU is because I want to get out of Kansas as soon as possible and going to college in Kansas wouldn't really help me. I also don't want to attend K-State because I have always been a Jayhawk and I could not be a Wildcat.
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