Mrs. Weegar's First Grade

Week of October 28, 2013

We created and served delicious apple dishes during E Time on October 18th! Take a peek at some of our delicious dishes!


We go to the library each Friday at 1:15. Please help your child remember to bring their library books to school with them every Friday. They will not be allowed to check out new books unless the two books they checked out the previous week have been returned.

Word Sorts

A new word sort was in yesterday's red folder! Please continue working on these with your children at home!

This week in Language Arts

Daily Five

-We have added Listen to Reading on an I touch and Word Work on an I pad to our Daily Five rotations. The learners are very excited about these new opportunities!


-We are writing this week to describe a pumpkin.


-We will practice correct formation of the lowercase letters l, and k as well as reviewing the lowercase letters that we have practiced so far.

Word Wall

-This week's words are: one, had, by, words, but

Please make sure that your child can quickly read these words by the end of the week.


-We are learning all about nouns this week. See if your child can sing you the Noun song!

Austin Weighty Word of the Week: flippant-having a light, pert, trifling disposition

Austin Quote of the Week: "As small as it may seem, a good deed is always worth doing." -Spark Matsunaga


  • This week, we will be learning and playing several different games to work on different addition combinations of the numbers six and seven.
  • We will also be using a number line as we add.


  • We will wrap up our unit on plants this week. The learners will be able to show me everything they have learned about plants by drawing a circle map in their Science Notebooks and writing or illustrating what they have learned about plants.
  • We will also be discussing pumpkins and the life cycle of a pumpkin. Today, we learned that a pumpkin is a fruit and it grows on a vine.

October Citizenship Skill: Responsibility

For Your Calendar...

-10/30 First Grade Field Trip to Dallas Arboretum-POSTPONED

-10/31 Happy Halloween! Have your students wear black and orange today!

-11/1 Rise and Shine Assembly/Report Cards go Home

-11/4 1D Book Fair Preview Day

-11/5 1D Book Fair Purchase Day

-11/8 Grandparent's Day-please see note in today's red folder

-11/11 Veteran's Day Assembly at 8:15am

-11/12 PTO Meeting 6:30pm