By: Rachel Lutz


Physical activity is super easy and has lots of benefits to it. A couple benefits is a lowered risk in cancer, lowered stress levels, improved strength in muscles and bones, lowered risk of diabetes, etc. Getting active can be as easy as going for a walk or taking a bike ride. One example of physical activity is volleyball...


Playing volleyball increases your physical health because you are being active. Volleyball increases your cardiovascular system because your endurance increases. Volleyball also benefits your physical health by being able to control your body and helps you maintain the squat position for a long period of time.


Volleyball can benefit your mental/emotional health in a few ways. One way is it can help you emotionally. Being active is known to reduce stress which can help you have better emotional health. When you're apart of a team and everyone is cheering for you that can also help your mental/emotional health because at times it can boost your confidence.


Volleyball greatly affects your social health because it's a team sport. In volleyball you need to be able to work with your teammates and communicate with them with a positive attitude. You cannot win without your team and being apart of a close team can help with your communication skills. Joining volleyball or participating in volleyball would benefit your social health dramatically as any team sport would.


Volleyball has a huge benefit to your intellectual health. While playing volleyball you are using your knowledge of the sport to read the ball, read the players, to decide your best move, and to know the rules and how the game works. It benefits your intellectual health by forcing you to think of many things at one time and act quickly.