Table Tennis

By: Hayden Davis

The History for Table tennis:

1880's: Adapted Lawn tennis to indoors, playing on dining tables by just 2 people

1900's: Introduction of celluloid balls replace cork and rubber ones. This ball was the perfect bounce, and the game became a huge success.

1901: first official ping pong association formed in England, with competing association.

1922: first "official" rules established.

1926: first world championships held in England

1936: 10th world championships help in Czechoslovakia. Longest rally took place. the first point took over 2 hours long

1939: first world championship held outside of Europe (Cairo, Egypt)

1957: World championship changes to 2 year cycle.

1973: First world University championships held in Hanover, Germany

1988: Table Tennis is in the Olympics

1996: First ITTF pro tour takes place, with events all around the world

2004: During the games in Athens, Table Tennis ranked 5th for TV audiences watching

2010: Table Tennis becomes part of the youth Olympics

Impact on Society:

This sport has an impact on our society in many ways. The first way is that it its part of the Olympics!! The Olympics bring all of the country's together to have fun! and compete for competition

My personal Favorite player (ever): Forrest Gump

"Always Keep your eye on the ball" -Forrest Gump

Another favorite player of mine is Wang Hao:

Currently, China is developing the most and best players in the world. Wang Hao, won gold in the 2012 olympics. hes won countless gold/silver metals in the ITTF world Pro tour

Current 2015 US men's National team coach- Stefen Feth

Ping Pong is a cool sport