Privacy and Security

being online safe!


Passwords are the main element in which to access an account. However, they can be very easy to make and to give away. Using the same password can lead to break-ins. It is wise to change the password to your most important account, every 6 months.


Online shopping is one of the main causes why scams are being reported the most. Shopping on mobile devices lack protections such as anti-virus software. another very important think to do is to keep your social security to yourself. Most real businesses don't ask for them. Use credit cards, they come with extra fraud protection.


Your social security number is a very personal information. Most legit websites do not ask for social security numbers. This type of information shouldn't be shared online. Accepting friend request from strangers can definitely put your privacy in danger. Only accept people that you know personality.

User agreements

Reading the main points of the user agreements can save you a lot trouble. If a company or website did something that involves your privacy, they might have the ability to do that. You could have simply missed that in the agreement. Most people do not read all the words on that agreements. However, it is important to catch the main points that could involve you.
How to Create a Strong Password