Claude Debussy

Liesha Yenduri

Composer of the Romatic era- Claude Debussy is worthy of studing

There are many reasons why Claude Debussy is worthy of study because he composed many renowned works of music, learned music from a very young age and helped the world of music in many ways. To start off, he created many vital works of music that sound so unique and beautiful, for example "Clair de Lune". He is a very popular composer and many people loved his works. This is evident when the text states, "Claude Debussy was a popular and recognized figure in the early twentieth century." This means that he was renowned in this century and his works were loved by everyone. Additionally, Debussy started helping the world of music every since he was very young. This is portrayed in the text when it says," When Claude Debussy was three, his father went bankrupt and sent Claude to live with his aunt. His aunt was a great supporter of the arts and introduced Claude to music and art by taking him to concerts and art galleries. With his aunt's support, Claude began taking piano lessons. He showed considerable talent, and at age eleven he entered the Paris Conservatory of Music." In other words, Claude was sent to live with his aunt because his father went bankrupt and so he began to learn and love music with his aunt's love, support, and help. As you can see Claude Debussy contributed to music at a very young age even though his parents were poor. In conclusion and in my opinion Claude Debussy showed us that if you have enough dedication and commitment than any dream is possible. You should never give up no matter what obstacle comes in you ways, you should face any challenge to reach the stars.

Claude Debussy "Clair De Lune"


Claude Debussy and Devi Sri Prasad (Compare and Contrast)

Claude Debussy and Devi Sri Prasad also known as DSP have many similarities and differences. To start off, Claude Debussy was from France and Devi Sri Prasad was from India. Claude Debussy created music just for fun and created operas and symphonies. Devi Sri Prasad is a music director who created music for movies. Claude Debussy played the piano and played classical music. Devi Sri Prasad played many instruments and created works that were sometimes rock music. Finally, Claude Debussy died in just the start of the early twentieth century and Devi Sri Prasad is still alive today. Some similarities is that that both loved music ever since they are very young. Also they both played many instruments and composed many songs that are renowned today. They both helped the world of music in many ways and created songs that people love to listen.

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