Pop Culture & Psychology


Q's to keep in mind.

How was the role of women in society in transition during post-war period?

-Women worked a lot more in factories that produced goods to fight the war

Describe the ideal woman according to Hollywood.

-Curvy, beautiful hair, cooks and cleans

What contrasting media images of femininity did the public receive during the post-war era?

-They were shown as hard workers that helped the war.

How might these images have affected Holden's, or any teenage boy's, perception of romantic interests?

-They might see women as a more wife material who will help out around the house

List the following popular or "best of" items from 1951:

-Barbies, Play-Doh, Mr. Potato Head

What kind of music were most people listening to?

-Swing, Jazz, and big band music

Who and what were they seeing in the movies?

-Godzilla,The Day the Earth Stood Still, Different Day. Top actors:John Wayne, Grace Kelly

How was psychiatry viewed within mainstream America in the early 1950's? Is this different from today?

- Spike in the amount of mental patients in the 50's. It was seen as a problem amongst civilians and people in the service. Now people are treated in humane ways compared to people being tortured in the 50's

50's Music Compilation

Cool Facts

- Gas cost 20 cents

- Color Television Introduced

- 1954 segregation becomes illegal

- 1955 Disneyland opens in California

- 1950 Charlie Brown is born

- First modern credit card introduced