Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's ELC2 Superstars

Highlights from this Week

Tuesday: No School

Friday: Gardening Rotations and a half day with Ms Stone

Coming up next week:

Thursday: Learning Journey 8:45-9:30am and Our Story Incursion 1:45-2:45pm

Friday: Last day of term 1

Learning Journey Week 10 Thursday 8:45-9:30

During the last week of this term the year ones will be presenting their learning journey to you. The learning journey is an event where parents are invited to come in to the classroom to view the wonderful work your child has been doing and celebrate in their success.

There has been an important change to the time of the learning journey, it will now be on Thursday from 8:45-9:30am. This is to fit around the Our Story Incursion on Thursday afternoon.

Fun in Our ELC2 Garden!

A special thank you to Kimberley Poyner and April Farfan for giving up their time on Friday morning in our class garden. This term we have been looking at the Cross Curriculum Priority on sustainability and learning about how living things grow, what they need to survive and how we can look after the environment.

On Friday morning we had 3 rotational activities:

  • Planting with Miss Hansson: In this activity the students planted their established fruit and vegetable seedlings from last fortnight in to our ELC2 garden bed.

  • Bug Hunt with April: In this activity the students collected and recorded the bugs that they found around the garden. We were amazed by the range of insects that the students found, including a stick insect! The students later discussed the types of living things that use the garden as their habitat and how living things in the garden work together as an ecosystem. For example the relationship between worms and the garden.

  • Soil Search with Kimberley: In this activity the students walked around to look at the array of different coloured soil found in the garden. Using a finding card the students collected the different coloured soil in a sample pots. Later we discussed the reasons for this colour change and the vital part that soil plays in our gardens ecosystem.

Bug Club Home Reading

We have been experiencing some difficulties with the Bug Club reading program this week. I have alerted the Pearson help desk and am waiting for a reply. I will let you know once they get back to me with an answer. I appreciate your patience and hopefully we will be back online soon.

Parent Helpers for the Morning Sessions

We still need helpers to fill in times on the morning helper timetable near the front door, in particular Wednesday morning.

A huge thank you to the parents that started our morning work volunteer program this week. This program runs from 8:20am until the morning bell at 8:35am. It is wonderful to see so many students arriving promptly at 8:20am each day and getting full benefit from this valuable time to practise one on one with myself and our fabulous parents.

We still require some more parent helpers for these morning sessions. If you can spare 15 minutes one morning a week and would like to be a part of our morning program please sign up on the timetable (on the class window). The options available are:
  • listening to students reading their home readers, focusing on developing their fluency (reading should have a nice flow and sound like they are speaking, not reading each individual word with a robotic tone) and ask the comprehension focus of the fortnight (e.g. inference).
  • Helping the students master their sight words by pointing to words form their current list as the student orally reads/spells the word.
On your morning you will collect a clipboard containing a list of your students, if those students are not at school or have forgotten their materials please feel free to choose any of the other students in the classroom to do some additional practise.