Cold War

Cold War summary

The United States creates to rules to stop communism from spreading. One was the Truman's plan , the other Is called Marshall's plan. The Cold War was between soviets and United States and the United States wanted to stop communism so soviets wouldn't be able to take over the United States. Another way they tried stopping communism was by building up nukes and missiles to scare off the soviets from doing anything. The u.s also came out with NATO which was a military alliance between the soviets and Eastern European countries. The Korean War was a pretty intense war and that's when the United States tried the Truman plan and stop communism. The soviets didn't like the allied occupation and began to blockade supply's from coming into West Berlin

There was a arm race were the soviets and United States built up weapons and nukes that became more powerful and scary. Some different ideologies were that the United States believed in free democratic elections and the soviets believe in totalitarian. Some other conflict is the United States didn't want communism to spread and the soviets didn't want capitalism to spread. The problem with that is soviets want communism to spread and the United States wants capitalism to spread. The soviets created a buffer zone, or barrier between themselfs and western European countries because stalin didn't trust the western democracy. The Marshall plan was a European economic recovery plan.this plan followed the creation of the Truman doctrine.