APRIL 20, 2014

What's Happening?

It seems our days are just whizzing by, we're so full of end-of-the-year tasks, whether it's tying up loose ends of new instruction or preparing for the SOL tests. For most of the last two weeks we have been learning about living systems, starting with soil, moving through plants, and on to animals. Tuesday Ms. Mallek of the Virginia Museum of Natural History will pay us a second visit. Her program is entitled "Pass the Energy," a fascinating discussion of the food chain. I hope you heard much about our trip to Monticello. The students really enjoyed it. They are in the process of creating a writing project about the trip. I promise, this will be one to keep in the memory box! On Thursday, all of Third Grade will walk to downtown Crozet to hand out poetry scrolls, as part of the Public Library's Poetry in Your Pocket Day. We will follow that with a bagged lunch picnic at Crozet Park. Let's hope the weather cooperates!


As the time to administer the SOL tests approaches, you will be hearing more about what you can do at home to make sure you child has a positive experience, Currently, I am sending home social studies questions and answers every Monday through Thursday and expecting students to answer some of the questions each morning. I am disappointed that a number of students have not been looking these papers over. At this point, the questions are from kindergarten and first grade standards. The students cannot afford to assume they know the answers, because it has become clear that some do not. Please expect to see these questions every Monday through Thursday and help your child become reacquainted with their answers.

The schedule:

May 13 - Science

May 20 - Reading, pt. 1

May 21 - Reading, pt. 2

May 28 - Social Studies

June 4 - Math, pt. 1

June 6 - Math, pt. 2

Mark the Date!

April 21 - Buddy Walk with First Grade, 8:15

Visit from pro tennis plays, 10:15

April 22 - Visit from Anne Mallek, Virginia Museum of Natural History

Earth Day

May 13 - Science SOL test (See article above for full schedule)

May 19 - Drama Club play, Schoolhouse Rocks

May 26 - Memorial Day, no school