Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- January 13, 2017

Our Week at a Glance

Reading- We just finished up The Witches, and will be starting a new read aloud today. Our new read aloud will be The Family Under the Bridge. We've been talking about figurative language this week (similes & metaphors), and will continue into next week. This will also help with writing.

Math- We've been discussing multiplication and added some new vocabulary words to our math journals. These words are: factor, multiple, product, repeated addition, skip counting, repeated groups, equal groups. Next week we will start looking at multiples, charting those on a number line and looking at patterns.

Science- We've continued looking at renewable resources this week, and watched a Bill Nye video on how we can protect these renewable natural resources. Next week we will start learning about circuits with our e4tech lessons.

Social Studies- We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. today and his impact on the world.

Click here to see the homework menu for the week.

Captain Fluffy Winkle

We have a lot of openings for taking home Captain Fluffy Winkle on weekends & breaks.

If you would like to sign up to take home Captain Fluffy Winkle, please click the link below:

PiDay 5k

The Teaching & Learning Collaborative is one of the organizations that created our e4tech lessons. We have participated in many professional development opportunities through this organization, and they have provided amazing opportunities for our students.

Every year, this organization sponsors a "PiDay 5k," for which all proceeds go to amazing professional development programs for teachers prek-12. It would be so cool if The Think Tank participated in this 5k, as this organization has done so much for our classroom!! Mrs. Callahan and Miss Pratt will be there.

Please consider signing yourself and your child up for this awesome event! Click here to do so!:

Here is a link to a training program that would help you get ready:

Genius Hour Presentations

Please keep in mind that all students will be doing their entire project at school.

Students will present their Genius Hour presentations after school on Wednesday, February 8th from 4-6. Students will stay after school for these, and a permission slip will be coming home soon for that. We understand that with sports some students may not be able to stay for these, so we will also allow students to present in our SLC for other classes Thursday morning.

Presentations will be set up similar to a wax museum where students stand at their presentation and present as people walk up to them. They will not present one at a time, in front of everyone.