146 Girls Jump to There Own Death

Joey Street 3/11/15

I think that the factory's in the United States need to have new and safer working conditions

I think of this because, just like the the girls who died in the factory by a fire. I mean they didn't have no way out but yet of course the owners did. But its not like the owners knew that the fire was going to happen but, the Government need to crack down on these types of factories and make rules for the factory. but now there is a law that says the inside doors of a building can't be locked and if that law had been made then not as many girls wouldn't of died that day. (146 girls died that day). This problem was solved by making new and safer working conditions. For example the buildings have to have fire extinguishers, fire ways, and a new law saying that you cant have buildings with the doors locked on the inside but can have locked on the outside.
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