Ways to care for your nails!


Ten interesting facts!

1.Finger nails grow an average of 3.5 milimeters per month
2.Nails and hair are made out of the same stuff: Keratian
3.Mens nails grow faster than womens
4.Nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter
5.The older you are, the longer your nails will take to grow
6.The slowest growing nails on your hands are your thumbs
7.Some mammals for Ex. Elephants have five nails on their front legs and four on their hind legs
8.B- vitamin helps with weak brittle nails
9.Your most dominate hand nails grow faster
10.Toenails are 2 times thicker than fingernails
Im sure that if you read our facts,watch the video and follow the instructions your for sure see improvement on your nails!

Keeping Nails Healthy :)

To help keep your nails healthy make sure your nails stay dry to help prevent from your nails to fungi.Keep your nails trimmed, ragged or chipped nails will break or damage your nails easily.Or you can also simply just eat healthy to keep your nails lookg good.


Natural Nail Care Tutorial! How Care For & Keep Natural Nails Beautiful, Strong & Healthy!

Realting careers

Make up artist
cosmetology surgeon