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January 2017 Vol. 4 No. 2

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Collective Teacher Efficacy--What is it?

Collective Teacher Efficacy is ranked as the number one factor influencing student achievement according to Professor John Hattie (Hattie, 2016)....so what is it?

In a nutshell, collective teacher efficacy is a common belief among a staff or group of teachers who all agree that together, they can make a positive impact, even when students are struggling at home or at school. Isn't that fantastic? Simply by sharing the belief that together, you can make a difference, regardless of obstacles facing your students....you can positively impact student achievement!

Let's share...

Now that you know what Collective Teacher Efficacy is, let's share OUR collective ideas on how to make sure our colleagues and staff can create an atmosphere of positive thinking about teaching in each of our buildings.

Based on the Six Enabling Conditions (Donohoo, 2017), here are three of my top ideas to generate Collective Teacher Efficacy in your building or district.

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